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Bwog Reviews “Both Houses, A Plague”

In another foray into theatre, Internal Editor Finn Klauber attended the performance of three one-act plays written by playwright Edward Albee. Through the absurdity and confusion, he managed to pick up on some essential thematic substance at the core of performance.  At no point in the CU Players production of “Both Houses, a Plague” did […]

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At Two Swords’ Length: Are You A Cop?

Be sure to grab a copy of The Blue and White, on campus now. For this issue’s At Two Swords’ Length (ATSL), Editor-in-Chief Torsten Odland, CC ’15, and Senior Editor Luca Marzorati, CC ’15 may or may not be members of law enforcement.  Affirmative by Torsten Odland  You’re damn right I’m a cop! What makes you […]

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