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Chairs are perhaps the most important aspect of a library experience. Desks are fairly consistent, and lighting can be improvised. For those not brave enough to transgress the omnipresent line of chain-smoking architecture grad students, read on for a full review of how Avery’s chairs stack up against its rivals. The discerning Columbia student recognizes that the […]

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Bwog hates to break it to you: it’s job-search time. Continuing our series of sitting down and writing about it, an anonymous posterior with perfect interview posture shares what it’s like to be in the hot seat. What has five minutes to memorize a stock pitch, two stiffly crossed legs, and one weirdly plush, Columbia-crested […]

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Perhaps the most common of all campus seats, the Hamilton desk-chair is here reviewed for posterity. Chair reviews—like CULPA for things on which it is appropriate to sit. You walk into Lit Hum just as it starts—as always—and quickly scan the room to find the open seat. There’s one in the corner, so you sneak […]

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Two days ago, we took you to that bright, airy temple of the mind, the Reference Room. We talked about the place where you put your butt. Bwog’s CC professor said that Plato is OK with sitting, so long as you’re thinking, so tonight we’re headed to another thinking-place, Milbank. If you’re sitting in Milbank […]

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Aside from lying in your bed, how do you spend most of your time? Sitting. Where does one sit? On a chair. It’s time to become an informed citizen, and to arm yourself with knowledge the next time you choose to transition to a sedentary position. Bwog presents: Chair Reviews, Part 1. Ah, the Butler […]

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