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Lately, it seems that pot is all anyone in the news can talk about. Ohio Governor and GOP presidential candidate John Kasich appeared on The Late Show on Friday, only to be grilled by Stephen Colbert about his stance on legalizing marijuana (hint: Kasich is against decriminalization). (The Huffington Post) Chuck Rosenberg, Chief of the Drug […]

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Dear Bwog, What do you do if your roommate doesn’t want you to keep drugs/alcohol in your room but you don’t have anywhere else to put them and your system of morality allows for illegal substances but not lying to a perfectly decent person? asking for a friend. Dear Asking for a Friend, Random roommates […]

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There’s a new app that will tell you how many times you check your phone throughout the day. (We weren’t on Tinder–we promise!) (Gawker) According to a national survey on drug use, American teens are apparently using drugs less and less often…really?? (Washington Post) There’s a proposed high-speed gondola (called the East River Skyway) that would […]

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Take off that crop top and unpack the neon sunglasses from your fanny pack: EZoo has been cancelled.  The City of New York itself recommended the cancellation of Day 3 after several festival-goers became critically ill and two died, apparently because of molly.  Bwog wants to take this opportunity to remind you that while you […]

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…on 4/20. Anna Bahr details her journey below. Read this and more in the May issue of The Blue & White, right on the tail of the April issue, on campus this week. As admitted freshman pare down their college choices in late April, arbitrary details become critical factors in the decision making process. Remember […]

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