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From SEAS to Shining CE

Earthshaking news, people: “SEAS” will no longer be called “SEAS.” Instead, as of Fall 2011, it will be “CE” for “Columbia Engineering.” Yes, gone are the days of probing your new NSOP buddy with the pleasingly assonant phrase, “CC or SEAS?” The Student Affairs Orientation page reads: The first newsletter to Columbia College (CC) and […]

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ESC: Election Drama! (& Other Exciting Things)

SEAS ’14 just can’t seem to get this election thing down. Lots has happened with regards to the 2014 ESC Council these past few days, and we provide a brief summary: While Kathy Sun did beat out Akshay Shah for President of SEAS ’14 last Wednesday, she did not actually win the popular vote. In […]

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SEAS Registration Clarified

Consulting-bound engineers can breathe easy! ESC clarified SEAS students weren’t able to register for certain Economics classes because of a “programming error in the registrar’s office.” The Economics Department and registrar have been notified of the problem and hope it will be resolved soon. Susan Elmes, Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Economics Department, notes […]

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ESC: SEAS Students Unable to Register for Non-SEAS Courses

A tipster from inside the ESC meeting tonight has informed us that the Academic Affairs Representative told the board that a new policy has been instituted this year that bars SEAS students from registering for  non-SEAS courses during pre-registration (i.e., this week). The representative said that they can only register for these classes during the […]

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