1. anon  

    Schapiro Hall is not even full...

  2. it is on  

    it just started.

    bwog, can we get a game thread going?


  3. and hi  

    also, i'm watching from the sipa library lab. come say hello.

  4. 07alum

    this makes me miss columbia so much

  5. CC 2007

    i agree. i wish i were out on south lawn instead of sitting in my office right now.

  6. argh  

    i had a really good seat before i had to leave for class. i probably could have sold that spot on craigslist for $20.

  7. its  

    good photo, i wish columbia would come out like this for other things more often..

  8. 07 Alum

    I registered and took a 4 hour lunch break to go. To anyone that says that I shouldn't have gotten a spot because I'm not a student: 1) the system let me and 2) I've probably paid more to Columbia in tuition anyways.

    So proud of Columbia.

  9. Oh Columbia

    How I love thee! A crowd that size and you STILL won't open both lawns.

  10. joel greenbergstein  

    you know what the surprising thing is? sitting in a mob on south lawn did not, in fact, cause ahmedinejad to stop in his tracks and say, "oh my fucking god what have i been thinking all this time? i was so wrong. HUMAN RIGHTS FOR EVERYBODY!!"

    i feel so gyped.

  11. iroc

    god damn closed lawns. pretty green grass is too sacred even for protesters...but not for orientation.

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