Graffiti of a Questionable Nature at BC

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First came the lice. They invaded the heads (and sheets, and clothes, and pillows) of the girls of the Barnard Quad back in October. Next up on the nuisance continuum: “racist” graffiti. 

It’s barely eight hours into the first day of the semester, and controversy has already erupted in the form of graffiti scribbled on dry-erase boards in Hewitt. The nature of the graffiti is first described as “racist”, but later as “targeting feminism.” Perhaps the correct term might have been “sexist”? In any event, the entire Barnard community received an email alerting them to the events and subsequent series of meetings to discuss the code of conduct. 

Frankly, we’re a bit nostalgic for the lice. Full email after the jump.

To the Barnard Community —

As some of you may know, several incidents of racist graffiti were found over the weekend on memo boards on the 6th floor of Hewitt Hall.  Whether or not these actions of blatant bias were committed by a member, or members, of our community, they were committed within our community and therefore affect us all.

This is a deeply distressing start to the new semester, and insofar as the graffiti appear to target feminism, it is appalling to encounter this at a women’s college. It is my hope that we will not allow these senseless acts to begin a cycle of anger and response. Instead, there is an opportunity here, as we return to campus for the spring, to commit to a positive and open exchange of thoughts and ideas, and a culture of respect for all members of our community.

Last night there was a floor meeting for Hewitt Hall residents and this Thursday, at 7:00 p.m. in the James Room, an important community forum will be held to address a new Barnard Community Code of Conduct. The discussion will be facilitated by a committee of administrators and students and I strongly encourage you all to attend.

Judith Shapiro


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  1. sigh  

    Haven't they figured out that the best way to deal with this kind of BS is just to ignore it?

    Wait, this is Columbia.

    • I imagine  

      It might be a question of liability. If a student complains and nothing happens, and there is a repeat action (or an escalated action), there may be a lawsuit. I'm not claiming to be an expert on law, but couldn't that be a possibility?

  2. huh

    I thought it was legitimate to oppose feminism...quite a few women do, for various reasons. it's a political/philosophical movement that's not necessarily congruent with women's rights, per se.

    and if I'm just totally wrong, is it only appalling to find it at a "women's college"?

  3. OMG!!!

    Not another senseless attack against our community! Roll out 24/7 drop-in counseling for the easily offended in 3..2..1...

  4. come on bwog  

    there are more important things to be nostalgic for than lice...
    like heath ledger's career. because he is dead.

  5. why  

    them stupid bitches gotta get mad sand in their vagingos when they gotta be makin samiches?

  6. i liked it  

    before. When you couldn't tell that the above comment came from a campus computer. :(

  7. seriously?  

    anyone know what it said?

  8. Kate Chapman

    Every Barnard-related story I've ever read on BWOG treats the school with annoyance and condescension. Could someone try to at least feign a more mature attitude for the sake your own publication, which loses legitimacy with such blatant unprofessionalism? Second, since no one at BWOG actually has to put their name by what they say, none of you have to individually face your Barnard friends, who you surely have, or fess up to thinking yourself to be either clever or superior to them. Despite these obvious weaknesses, people read BWOG and substantiate whatever point-of-view you espouse. That implies some responsibility on your part, even if your writing is dominated by commentary. Good writing never resorts to cliche. Good writers don't need to trot out unoriginal opinions--they have genuinely astute ones that actually are worth sharing.

  9. Unprofessional  

    It's Bwog. Not BWOG.

    Spelling the publication correctly implies some responsibility on your part, even if your writing is dominated by commentary. Second, good writers don't need to trot out unoriginal opinions--they have genuinely astute ones that actually are worth sharing. Next time you decide to share something please make it original and professional.

  10. Seriously?  

    Is it any surprise to Barnard girls that Columbia students think of themselves as superior? Even the "nice" ones have that feeling subliminally.

    I'm sure that as high school seniors you were super excited to go to school next door to a world premier university and you'd be treated with respect and as an equal. Then you come here and realize everyone is an asshole, no matter how smart he or she is.

  11. ...  

    We can't oppose feminism while at Barnard? Can I oppose liberalism while at Columbia?

    • civility  

      opposing feminism is one thing.

      scribbling epiteths on someone elses erase board is another.

      let's not conflate the issue.

      AN JSchap, I thought you were better than that. People need to stop using 'racist' as a catch-all for 'offensive'. Two very different things.

      And Kate? Seriously. We (CC) make fun of SEAS too. Feel free to make fun of us. FYI, righteous indignation is not 'making fun of us.'

  12. indeed

    Barnards- if you want to be treated as equal then don't act like you're being attacked with no defense when Columbians crack jokes.

    Oh, and by the way, kate, some Bwoggers do attach their names to posts.

    As for the graffiti: yawn

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