David Blaine is Outside Lerner

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That celebrity magician guy David Blaine is outside Lerner right now, performing card tricks for adoring masses of 12s (see Blaine — he’s the one directly under the boom — and said adoring masses, below.) If he makes himself levitate or makes the 12s disappear, Bwog will probably go back and snap another picture.


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  1. blaine  

    was filming for his tv show, which i assume will be nationally broadcast on one of the big three networks, like his last one. he'll also be in central park sept 22-24, hanging upside down or something.

  2. illusions bwog

    tricks are something a whore does for money

  3. damn

    That's actually legitimately interesting. I wish I had been there to see it.

  4. jesus

    those poor 12s ... before they know it they'll have shaved heads and be marching on washington in service of blainetology.

  5. please  

    please tell me he made them disappear.

  6. blaine ftw


  7. Houdini

    Where is George White when you need him?

  8. damn

    all that magic, and I bet he couldn't make Stephan disappear.

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