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Freshmen are probably noticing that NSOP slows down the pace of events quite a bit as it moves into the weekend. Bwog thought it would slow things down as well and bring you a round-up of Columbians in the news. We know it’s not all national or internation news, but not all of us can be presidential candidates.

  • President Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia remains closely allied to the United States despite continual pressure from Russia.
  • Tim Horrigan CC ’69 is running for New Hampshire State representative. For more background on him, check out his Netscap-era website.
  • The Buffalo News profiles Dan Foote CC ’85, who is currently on diplomatic mission to Iraq.
  • Future alum/current 2010er Raphael Graybill was in Denver this past week as the youngest member of Montana’s delegation.

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  1. anon

    Bridgit Donnelly, BC '11, was at Denver as a delegate, too

  2. Ray  

    BWOG, can you post about Facebook's Books On Campus application so we can recruit freshmen and buy/sell affordable books?

  3. anoner

    Barack Obama, CC '83, is somewhere in the country being kind of a big deal.

  4. and  

    obama's sister (maya soetoro-ng)is a barnard grad

  5. Wilson McHoulihan

    what are the easiest major cultures classes, need some guaranteed A's

  6. ...  

    Dude, I hear that the Graybill kid was the campaign manager for the state AG's campaign......

    Future congressman or senator in the class of 2010...

  7. gaffeter

    "I think it's important work," [Horrigan] said. "Preserving our personal freedoms and democracies."

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