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Bwog has confirmed that what anonymous tipsters saw this morning was not in fact more preparatory nonsense, but the long-awaited awakening of Lerner’s Only Hot Dog Machine. Bwog’s dry-run (we missed the “take your condiments NOW” part of the process) revealed a warmer and juicier product than expected. See it for yourself after the jump, and make sure to tune in tomorrow for the Official Taste Test. The face off between Nathan’s, Hebrew National, and Sabbret promises to be legendary.

Oh, and of course, no Flex yet. 

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  1. ...  

    honestly, i see no reason why a vending machine hotdog would be any worse than those limp grey things they pull out of tepid water at street side hotdog vendors. i bet it's delicious.
    hoorah technology!

  2. ugh

    This is so disgusting. Seriously. It's disgusting that the administration thinks "Hey, what do kids like these days?" and the best thing they can come with is a hot dog machine.

  3. Harmony Hunter  

    How far is Lerner from Harmony?

  4. sexyveganboy  

    Does the machine sell vegidogs?

  5. wowww  

    that is the most disturbing thing i've seen in a while

  6. serious question

    anyone know if this thing is any good? i'm tempted to try.

  7. 2150  

    i bet they taste better than tasti-d if tasti-d had hot dog flavored ice cream!

  8. Harmony Hunter  

    can I bring hot dogs into Harmony? my trapped friend who lives there is probably hungry

  9. emily wallen  


  10. I have  

    tried a hot dog machine hot dog... and it was good.

  11. i think  

    everyone secretly wants to try it.

  12. Anonymous  

    can warm my buns anytime.

  13. concerned  

    who is this emily wallen who seems so vested in the hot dog machine?

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