The Vag Opens, Everyone Giggles

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Barnard’s brand new student center, the Vagelos Center aka the Diana aka the Nexus aka the Vag, is open and ready for business as of yesterday. Hey, ‘Vag’ sounds like ‘vagina’. Weird!

The Diana is shiny, new and streamlined. It is much, much nicer than Lerner. The Vag’s first patrons seemed excited about their new space, and the eating, lounging and study spaces were crowded today around lunchtime. There was a long line at Liz’s Cafe and students seemed to be enjoying their healthy options; Bwog noted edamame in spades. The study spaces are abundant and well laid-out, with plenty of nooks for individual or group study, and the art and architecture studios on the upper floors are spotless. There were still a few signs of construction: blue tape, a dusty smell, the ongoing work outside the entrance.

Despite lingering work, the students we spoke to were impressed and pleased with the Diana overall. Still, a group students stood a few feet back from the Vag, still puzzling over the color scheme. A consensus was eventually: it could be peach, orange, red, salmon, pink, auburn or burnt auburn. The color scheme reminded Bwog of the new Renzo Piano-desigend  NYT building in MidtownРand right across from Sulzberger, too! More pictures of the Vag inside and out after the jump.

The sixth floor "Roof Terrace"

Study space

More study space!

Outer space

Computer lab

Strong, beautiful lunchtime

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  1. diana  

    what a strong and beautiful vag

  2. let's keep going  

    What a spacious vag! ---annnnd it's old NOW.

  3. bc10

    severe lack of outlets.

  4. okay  

    the vag joke is funny, yes, but the Diana was never going to be called and is not now called "The Vagelos Center." The Vagelos Center is the Alumnae office at Barnard. A joke is not an excuse for incorrect facts. The new building is called "The Diana" aka Nexus aka the Vag.

    Also, Java City is now "Liz's Place" not "Liz's Cafe"

    I know it's nitpicky and someone is bound to respond to this with a bitchy comment, but still: check your simple facts, Bwog. It ain't hard.

  5. not a fan  

    of the bare concrete floor

  6. ok you said:

    haha you barnard girls complain about no outlets etc., concrete floor and act all entitled to everything...you have to remember though, you go to the 30th best liberal arts college...
    so cut your school some slack...if you were looking for a better quality education should have gone somewhere else

  7. BC11  

    Isn't that really really red room the soon-to-be Diana dining hall?

  8. Would you even consider  

    eating out of your own vag? I wouldn't! Barnard is sure playing up the nickname with the red color scheme...

  9. Anonymous  

    yeah. have fun trying to fiddle with the flaps of the vag

  10. Anonymous  

    I totally disagree that the Diana is "much, much nicer than Lerner." Since when is bright red accented concrete-encasing nice?

  11. alum

    wtf? looks like the set of a 1960s film set in the future. cheap, too.

    I'm not in NY anymore and can't visit but from the looks of it I'd take lerner anyday.

  12. K&B  

    Anyone know if men are allowed in the Vag?

  13. Anonymous  

    can columbia students go in there?

  14. hey  

    maybe this will help alleviate study space concerns at columbia? notably butler or lerner?

  15. OwlPower  

    eew so fruity-tutti and RED. I won't be able to concentrate on my bookies with those nasty orange tables.

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