Mel’s Burger Bar…It’s A Thing!

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Bwog got the inside scoop on Mel’s today from a former CC student working for the Mel’s Team. It will be open in late July (that’s soon!), they’ll hopefully be accepting Flex, and the food and beer selection will be “extremely high quality” (Dogfish Head and Kobe beef, riiiite?) and reasonably priced. Knees bent for this to go VIRAL: Mel’s has a Twitter and Facebook, and there will be special promotions for “early adopters” i.e people who follow and like (respectively) Mel’s on the Internet.

Mel’s still doesn’t have a website, but we learned that its owner is Nick Tsoulos, who also owns Goodburger, Patsy’s and Angelo’s. These are fine eateries, and we look forward to welcoming Mel’s to the hood. Last time we visited Tomo it was kind of a bummer, anyway.

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  1. WTF  

    There's a restaurant named Goodburger? How the fuck had I not heard of that?

  2. "it's a thing!"

    what is this phrase and where is it from and why does Eliza Shapiro like it so much?

  3. Anonymous

    Just give me my damm burger already...i don't give a crap about all this crap...just put a piece of meat on a grill and you got urself my business.

  4. oh dear...

    "...former CC student working for the Mel’s Team." Working at a burger joint is what I have to look forward to?!?

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