The 2011 edition of the US News & World Report‘s “Best National Colleges” rankings just came out (like, a femtosecond ago), and our humble little university In The City of New York has jumped to 4th place from 8th place last year, putting us right behind Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. The USNWR rankings are arguably the most widely quoted college rankings out there, and we’re guessing there’s nothing but pure Cristal flowing through Hamilton right now.

Cheers! Now crack open a bottle! Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

However, we should note that other rankings have been slowly been released these past few weeks, and Alma Mater did not fare so well in their eyes. Forbes ranked Columbia 13th, the Academic Ranking of World Universities puts us at 8th internationally, and the hodgepodge of rankings over at The Princeton Review puts Columbia in the top 10 lists only for best library (5th) and best college town (1st).

I guess you can’t win them all. But we’ll have a hearty swig of that Cristal now, please.

Update: So some of the crazies over at College Confidential believe that USNews miscalculated Stanford’s ratings and that it should actually be at #4, leaving us at #5. We don’t speak this language but you can investigate for yourself on this nutso thread.