The Bwog Condom Guide

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Use condoms. Have a good year! Guide by Stephen Davan. Click to enlarge in a pop-up window.

A Fictional Census of Morningside Heights
RAs and other Good Samaritans, you can download a PDF version of this map for printing in color or greyscale.

Columbia Condoms: Gotta Catch ’em All!

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  1. Anonymous  

    middle east house?

  2. discrete

    What's the most discrete location to pick them up? At Health Services, you need to walk past the reception desk and into the hallway outside the doctors' office. It just find it not very discrete when a random student walks into Health Services, heads to the back and exits with a brown paper bag.

  3. The Mack

    Okamoto Crown Skinless Skin. ~fifteen bucks for a hundred on Amazon. 'Nuff said

  4. dear bwog,

    is there any way to delete comments like that^? or report them, or something. i think a moderator or two would prove helpful...

  5. Anonymous

    Health Services is on the 3rd and 4th floors of John Jay. Second floor is the ground floor.

  6. Do people

    really want their RAs to provide condoms or would they rather have their own?

  7. Appropriate!!  

    "Click to enlarge in a pop-up window"

    I'm just sayin'.

  8. also  

    condom bowl in lobby of ADP

  9. ...

    they don't offer them in 202 kent, but they do offer complimentary spit.

  10. Anonymous  

    Nice job on the poster, Stephen!

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