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We'll be back with sightings!


During filming, a Bwogger approached a GG tech person and asked which characters were coming to Barnard. “None of them,” the tech-lady replied. “We’re just pretending they go to Columbia.”

UPDATE: More pictures from the filming, this time of Serena (!) thanks to the quick lenswork of Elissa Mendez-Renk:

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  1. Anonymous  

    wow, they look like douche bags.

  2. Yeah,  

    they are douche bags. Thats why the show's so popular.

  3. Anonymous

    “we’re just pretending they go to Columbia.”

    But I thought we were Yale...

  4. Anonymous

    I wish they would stop stealing the days of our lives

  5. Anonymous  

    well, they didn't tell columbia that they were going to pretend that it was yale in that other episode they filmed here, so Columbia won't let them back on campus. so they were working out a deal with barnard to be able to film there and say it was columbia. Apparently Barnard understands that they should be happy people are finally going to see them as being a real part of columbia!

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