1. Anonymous

    hahahahaha. i lolled.

  2. Anonymous  

    haha...who moved my cheese! lolz all around, bwog. very nice!

  3. Feeling a bit stupid  

    I don't get it? ...

  4. ...  

    Dan Brown is written on the facade? otherwise I don't get it

  5. Anonymous  

    nicely done, bwog.

  6. if only.  

    down with the (dead) white men and their power of oppression!

  7. wow  

    bwog, seriously, these arent funny

  8. Achievment Hunter  

    Could bwog make a webapp that would let us type anything where the famous people's name's are. We could start a meme.

  9. in other news  

    dam, the outside of butler is dirty. We need it clean since the cleanliness of a building shows how clean the stuff going on inside is...ooo, wait...nvm...bedbugs and sex.

  10. Anonymous

    lize and bri say "well, done!"

  11. Anonymous

    Just another excuse to rip students off by giving them less for their money

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