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Eliza Shapiro, who knows the culinary landscape of Morningside Heights like no other, was quick to alert us to the very important development of a new Crumbs Bake Shop at 108th and Broadway. It will take up residence in the shopfront which formerly housed Crystal Gourmet. We hope this won’t be accompanied by gang violence. Although Crumbs is the country’s largest cupcake chain (which went public in a $66 million merger in January), the shop originated on the UWS. They have seasonal collections, like in clothing catalogs, but for cupcakes.

Cupcakes cost $4.50, and include the Half and Half: a 590-calorie cupcake that Crumbs describes on its website as “marble cake filled with white butter cream, topped with half vanilla cream cheese frosting mixed with chocolate chip cookie crumbs and half chocolate fudge mixed with brownie pieces and covered with chocolate chip cookie and brownie pieces.” It will be interesting to observe how the corporate cake squares off against Robicelli’s, the foodblogs’ indie darlings on sale at Joe.

No word yet on the official opening date


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  1. "brownie pieces... brownie pieces"

    I shouldn't have studied abroad this semester. Obviously.

  2. Anonymous

    I have not been this happy since Bwogweather announced their second season.

  3. this is

    not what the neighborhood needs lol. silver moon ftw

  4. hm

    this needs a "gentrification" tag

  5. Anonymous

    BWOG >>>>> TUSB

  6. Passerby

    Oh, look Crumbs is coming to-OMNOMNOM.

  7. Too much Ben&Jerrys

    The cupcake you've described as the "Half-Baked" is in fact the "Half and Half." And this cupcake, as a consequence of its "Signature" status, is $4.50.

  8. Anonymous

    this is probably an unpopular sentiment, but seriously - does anyone else feel like cupcakes are just a completely overblown fad? i really don't understand why everyone shits their pants over these 'premium' cupcakes which honestly aren't even that good. it's such a pretentious rich kid dessert trend. even worse than $6 for tiny cups of frozen yogurt.

  9. Anonymous

    fuck yo cupcakes nigga.

  10. Anonymous

    magnolia > crumbs.

  11. Wrong again

    Robicelli's > everything else.

  12. Anonymous

    Are they really worth $3.75?

  13. Anonymous

    Crumbs cupcakes are like Dunkin' Donuts muffins with Pillsbury frosting on top. Perhaps satisfying if absolutely nothing else sweet is around. For the best cupcakes in the world (I'm serious), take a field trip out to Red Hook and get as many as you can at Baked. They're like heaven in a wrapper. Plus, after that you can go buy cheap dorm furnishings and Swedish imports at Ikea. And the water taxi!

  14. no

    what we really need is a butter lane, billy's, or babycakes (for the cookie sandwiches). everyone knows crumbs cupcakes suck. the only things special about them are that they look pretty and have fillings. who wants a cupcake with a filling anyway?

  15. ...  

    do we 'really need' a cupcake shop at all?

  16. anonymouse

    I got a Robicelli's cupcake from Joe's once and to my disappointment it tasted like it had been too long in the refridgerator..... so this is exciting!

  17. crumbs employee  

    i work at crumbs in midtown(CC2013) and I'm loving this! Crumbs are the best cupcakes hands down...

  18. Anonymous

    Crumbs is absolutely fucking disgusting. When I lived in the UES, I would walk in and think everything looked really good. I was always disappointed on the first bite. After I had tried most everything, it became pretty clear that Crumbs sucks and just tries to rely on the fact the stuff they make has a bunch of sugar in it and looks appetizing. I guess for some people that's enough, but if you care how the food actually tastes they will let you down.

  19. Anonymous

    Sometimes the Robicellis stuff seems a little stale, like the frosting or cake are a bit dry. I do suspect that sometimes they are at least a day old. I'm pretty sure Friday is the 'new flavor' day, and likely when they'd be fresh. Crumbs will let you down though. Sorry.

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