Winter Wonderland

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Grab your sled, build a snowman, and roast some chestnuts, it’s snowing!  This morning, Columbia has woken up to the first flurry of the season— which by the looks of it, is slowly turning into a blizzard. Join Bwog in putting your boots on and being jolly. Picture submissions welcome!

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  1. godamnit bwog

    i just woke up and was hoping to have a good mindset today.

    then i read "winter wonderland" and it immediately sparked flashbacks of going to the concert of my friend's 7th grade choir group with her singing "we're happy tonightttt, walking in a winter. wonder. lannnnd!!"

    and now i feel slightly depressed due to both the nostalgia and the yearning for something past :(

    - 21 yro guy, cc '12

  2. Anonymous  

    YES SNOW. In October.

  3. question for my classmates

    i just got on FB and saw all your statuses complaining about snow.

    question: am i the only guy here who actually WELCOMES snow and winter? like seriously. it’s almost like a movie. i love walking outside in the middle of the white flakes in my black overcoat and letting the frisk cool air hit my face. everything just feels so melodramatic!

    and it’s especially more dramatic when i meet up with my gf. embracing her with gust and snow all around us is absolutely the best. way better than doing so in the summer/sun/beach.

    love the snow. love winter. love nyc. love cu.

    - seas guy ’12

  4. Anonymous  

    Alright guys.....who's gonna go out and draw a giant snow penis on south lawn?

  5. BC  

    FUUUUUUCK this!!! Its cold out!

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