The Security Alert You Weren’t Emailed: Suspect Enters Ruggles

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While the NYPD is stationed outside Barnard monitoring a student meeting in the Diana, crime continues unabated on 114th St. Public Safety published a new security alert to their website tonight detailing an attempted robbery that reads much like last week’s. The descriptions of the respective suspects’ methods and appearances are virtually identical. According to the latest alert, a male suspect accosted a student for an iPhone, but fled when he learned the victim didn’t have one. Before the attempted robbery, he was observed following a student into Ruggles, though he left immediately.

It is unclear why many students have yet to receive the alert by email, and Bwog has emailed Dean Martinez for clarification. By our count, that’s the fourth security alert for a crime committed on 114th street since the beginning of the semester. Oy, this is ridiculous.

The suspect is described as “Male/black/30/5’8/150lbs/wearing a black leather jacket, dark ski cap, blue jeans, dark shoes, a dark shirt or sweater with a white tee shirt underneath” and you are urged to call 212-678-1351 if you have any information. Full alert with grainy photo below.

On November 21, 2011 at about 11:50 p.m., a student was the victim of an attempted robbery on W.114St. between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. The student accompanied by another person was accosted as she was walking on the north side of W.114 St. towards Broadway. The suspect pushed the victim against a fence, threatened her and demanded her I-phone. When the suspect learned she did not have an I- phone, he fled east towards Amsterdam Avenue without taking any property. The suspect is observed on video walking back and forth on W. 114 St. prior to the crime. Moments earlier, he followed a student into Ruggles Hall but left the building immediately. If you observe this person on the street, call the police immediately by dialing 911.
Suspect description:
Male/black/30/5’8/150lbs/wearing a black leather jacket, dark ski cap, blue jeans, dark shoes, a dark shirt or sweater with a white tee shirt underneath.

grainy photo

Ken Finnegan Director, Investigations and Technology Projects 212-854-4790 November 21, 2011

If you have any information about this crime, contact the 26Pct. Detective Unit at 212-678-1351.

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  1. NY fucking PD

    and campus Fucking police can kick the door of the frat open and bust students, beat up the protesters, lock down barnard. but they can even keep us from the thefts and gun rubbers. we pay 50 some grant for the lousiest security ever.

    fuck the police!

  2. Is this the same

    guy involved in the other two recent iPhone attempted robberies?

  3. Well,  

    to those who would say this administration cares about its students:

    See above story.

    We're not talking about patrolling the far reaches of Morningside Heights or Harlem. We're asking that Columbia maintain proper surveillance on one of the streets bordering campus--and not Broadway or Amsterdam; no, just the small segment of 114th that lies between Broadway and Amsterdam, which consists primarily of student housing.

    This is embarrassing and shameful: Public Safety and Columbia's bureaucracy should, accordingly, be embarrassed and ashamed.

  4. Name

    Any idiot can "breach" Ruggles.

    As for the grainy surveillance shots - what, Columbia can't spring for a good high quality camera?

  5. Anonymous  

    I hope these bureaucrats know that Columbia's reputation is being severely damaged with these alerts. No matter how prestigious an institution is, if it can't even do the basic necessity of keeping its students safe on campus and around its nearby vicinities, it will discourage many, many prospective students from even considering coming here.

  6. Just saying

    I feel like there was less crime (minus the drug dealing) on 114th when the 3 frats still occupied their houses....

  7. Oh hai student councils  

    Less kvetching, more ideas. go!



    Although the city's police forces are too afraid to confront you directly, thieves, your reign of terror will continue no longer. Tonight, between the hours of 2 AM and 5 AM, I will keep watch over 114th street, protecting the weak from the predations of the strong. Attempt no iThefts, thieves, or else suffer my disciplinary sanctions. My justice will be swift and terrible.

    - Bill Goner, Dean of JUSTICE

  9. Anonymous  

    does no one else find it so fucked up that this was happening while barnard's entire campus was locked down because of a discussion about its administration's policies?

  10. Anonymous  

    how is this still happening?! smh columbia, smh

  11. Anonymous

    so, does this make 114th street one of the most crime ridden streets on the UWS? At this point, the frat busts were still less than a year ago. I'd like to see statistical comparisons! A map! Bwog!

  12. um...

    114th is a city street. Campus security has NO jurisdiction. Take it up with the NYPD. Perhaps the reason they aren't taking some students' complaints seriously, is because they see you as a bunch of whiny brats who protect drug dealers.

    • Anonymous

      100% of the buildings on both sides of 114th are owned by Columbia University. Altho it is a city street, both campus security and the NYPD need to do a much better job in patrolling the area. They need constant presence and surveilance cameras.

  13. unrelated, but ...

    Is there any chance our access to CLIO resources entitles us to (present) NYT subscriptions? I understand they have to charge to be able to have good reporting, but I don't really want to pay. thanks if you know the answer!

  14. Guard


  15. The only action  

    I have seen from security is when friends of mine were visiting and they surronded us while I was giving them a tour becuase we looked like theifs. Its not like I am forcing students into debt while treating them like unsophisticated criminals by shutting down a campus, bringing riot cops on campus (when bloomy came to cu) but this is somehow ok? I think they want us to be pissed at them. They want us to be forced into 68

  16. Anonymous

    Like I said previously, why is it always black males, about six feet tall, with a dark hoodie robbing everyone? Geeezzz

  17. Anonymous  

    "While the NYPD is stationed outside Barnard monitoring a student meeting in the Diana, crime continues unabated on 114th St."

    Nice sensationalist lede, bwog.

  18. stealin iphones

    in my white T

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