While the NYPD is stationed outside Barnard monitoring a student meeting in the Diana, crime continues unabated on 114th St. Public Safety published a new security alert to their website tonight detailing an attempted robbery that reads much like last week’s. The descriptions of the respective suspects’ methods and appearances are virtually identical. According to the latest alert, a male suspect accosted a student for an iPhone, but fled when he learned the victim didn’t have one. Before the attempted robbery, he was observed following a student into Ruggles, though he left immediately.

It is unclear why many students have yet to receive the alert by email, and Bwog has emailed Dean Martinez for clarification. By our count, that’s the fourth security alert for a crime committed on 114th street since the beginning of the semester. Oy, this is ridiculous.

The suspect is described as “Male/black/30/5’8/150lbs/wearing a black leather jacket, dark ski cap, blue jeans, dark shoes, a dark shirt or sweater with a white tee shirt underneath” and you are urged to call 212-678-1351 if you have any information. Full alert with grainy photo below.

On November 21, 2011 at about 11:50 p.m., a student was the victim of an attempted robbery on W.114St. between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. The student accompanied by another person was accosted as she was walking on the north side of W.114 St. towards Broadway. The suspect pushed the victim against a fence, threatened her and demanded her I-phone. When the suspect learned she did not have an I- phone, he fled east towards Amsterdam Avenue without taking any property. The suspect is observed on video walking back and forth on W. 114 St. prior to the crime. Moments earlier, he followed a student into Ruggles Hall but left the building immediately. If you observe this person on the street, call the police immediately by dialing 911.
Suspect description:
Male/black/30/5’8/150lbs/wearing a black leather jacket, dark ski cap, blue jeans, dark shoes, a dark shirt or sweater with a white tee shirt underneath.

grainy photo

Ken Finnegan Director, Investigations and Technology Projects 212-854-4790 November 21, 2011

If you have any information about this crime, contact the 26Pct. Detective Unit at 212-678-1351.