Bwog Gets A Little Sentimental

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At least we didn't make a (cranberry) saucy pun...

As per tradition, we put our heads (see: gmail accounts) together and compiled this long list of the things/people/places/things/snow penises for which we are most thankful. Contest, corroborate, or add your own in the comments.

It’s that time of the year where we’re allowed to get a little corny (<– Thanksgiving pun), so on that note, let us be the first most public to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. See you Monday!

Vegetables or Minerals

  • The Onion Horoscopes
  • Amir’s Hummus
  • Pumpkin Ale
  • Pumpkin Tarts
  • Pumpkin-everything
  • Fresh coconut from Westside
  • The last banana
  • Whole wheat noodles at Ferris
  • Levain Bakery on Frederick Douglass
  • Coconut Liberté yoghurt
  • Westside cheese samples
  • Absolute bagels
  • Strawberry cream cheese
  • Kitchenette cheese grits
  • M2M #5 wrap
  • Kim’s Magic Pop at Westside


  • Port
  • Woodchuck amber hard apple cider
  • NYC water
  • Tea and sympathy
  • Creamy coffee foam on the top of coffee
  • The first sip of cold beer

Those days 

  • Little kids laughing on campus
  • Sunset in Riverside
  • The rare chance of getting into an elevator in Hamilton
  • People you don’t know waving back and smiling when you mistake them for someone you do know
  • Five-day weekends
  • Waking up naturally right on time
  • Study spots that achieve that perfect storm of enough space, pleasant lighting, and ambient noise
  • Back rubs
  • 90’s music playing at Joe
  • Thoughtfulness that takes you by surprise
  • Becoming “a regular”
  • Heights Happy Hour
  • How the water in Dodge (Athletics) is always (n)ice cold
  • Surprise puppies on the street
  • Nussbaum getting an A for sanitation
  • The sunrise after an all-nighter

The season

  • The perfect snow for snowmen
  • The tree-lighting ceremony
  • Crisp autumnal days
  • Leaves at their prime crunchiness
  • Warm weather in November
  • Hot apple cider twice a week at the farmers’ market
  • Holiday lights

There’s An App For That

  • That freshman who invented Self Control
  • The FatBooth app
  • Twitter
  • Professors’ Twitters
  • IEEE
  • The GingerBooth App
  • Free Internet
  • Google
  • The reply-all button being harder to hit accidentally
  • Gifs
  • Facebook privacy settings
  • MTA maps on your smartphone
  • TED talks
  • Amusing spam


  • Drinking with professors
  • Bumping into professors at Community
  • Professors that care
  • Good looking professors and TAs
  • Flexible due dates

Other People

  • Cuddle buddies
  • Columbia comedy groups
  • Class friends
  • Friends who offer bites of their food
  • Phil Schaap
  • Friends who stress bake
  • Roosevelt Montàs
  • Friends who give you their laundry card when you don’t have cash
  • Don Draper
  • Roommates who make you tea
  • Boris V.
  • Talented freestyle rappers
  • Elisabeth at the Hartley Hospitality desk
  • Friendly dorm security guards
  • Someone like you” by Adele
  • StressBusters
  • Suites of best friends
  • Firm handshakes
  • Beyoncé
  • Unexpected bromance
  • Cooking with friends
  • Wrestling with friends

Snow Penises

  • Snow penises


  • The cold water fountain on the top floor of Dodge (Music/Art)
  • Beds that are bigger than a twin XL
  • Fireplaces
  • Postcrypt
  • Zumba
  • Singles
  • Paisley Bedsheets
  • Inter-library loan
  • Extensions
  • Sweaters with elbow patches
  • Flex at Duane Reade
  • Free hugs
  • Columbia’s future composter
  • Flattering lighting
  • The Central Park loop
  • Beautiful library ceilings
  • Proximity to the Met Opera
  • The perfect curvature of the statue on the right side Low steps ledge for sitting
  • Milano
  • Butler 210
  • Great accents
  • Good company
  • Circulating movies from Butler Media
  • ADI course scheduler
  • Brad’s Café
  • Superfluous pillows
  • CrackDel
  • Immersion blenders
  • Pick-me-up jamz
  • Furry hats
  • Lululemon Leggings
  • Waterproofing spray


  • Community
  • 30 Rock
  • Netflix instant
  • Late night How I Met Your Mother reruns

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  1. Senior  

    This made me oddly nostalgic for Columbia...

  2. Anonymous

    D'aw, Bwog. You da bwest.

  3. Anonymous

    you guys forgot Anthony Bourdain No Reservations. shit is clutch.

  4. Anonymous  

    so sad community has been de-scheduled.... hopefully troy and abed in the morning replaces the today show..

  5. Anonymous

    You're welcome, Columbia, for all those snow penises.

  6. Snow Penises

    Snow Penises

    this is truly Bwog at its finest, keep it up

  7. Anonymous  

    MONTAS :D! I miss him/the CC class I had last year.

  8. Congress

    I was a little disappointed that pizza wasn't mentioned in the "Vegetables or Minerals" section.

  9. Friendly dorm security guards

    Because they are really the only Columbia employees I actually trust. and like. and know care about us.

  10. Anonymous  

    occupy columbia

  11. Senior

    thanks for the bucket list ideas!

  12. Anonymous  

    duane reade doesn't have flex anymore! :(

  13. It wasn't a freshman...

    that created Self Control. It was Steve Lambert.

    Get your shit together, Bwog.

  14. Anonymous  

    this list is streets ahead

  15. Anonymous


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