Farewell, Amy the HamDel Lady

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Bwog’s love for HamDel is no secret, but our long-term relationship with Amy the HamDel Lady certainly surpasses any fling we’ve had with a specially sauced Lewinsky. For that reason, it is with great sorrow that we now report to you that our darling Amy has left HamDel for good. For the past week, we’d been missing Amy’s judge-free service during our 2 am sandwich runs, so this morning, we called the deli to find out where Amy had disappeared to. We’re told that Amy left HamDel a week ago after securing a “better job,” i.e. one that didn’t require her to stay up all night catering to the cravings of drunken college students.

While we can’t say we blame Amy for her choice, HamDel just won’t be the same without her. Join us in our celebration of this most lovely of neighborhood fixtures, and leave your favorite Amy memories in the comments!

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  1. Amanda  

    She always called me sweetie. (I think she called everyone this.) Such a lovely person. LOVE HER.

  2. Anonymous  

    My heart goes out to her. She was the most non-judgmental and caring cashier I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. When I went through my late-at-night milkshake phase, she always just gave me that look, her "you're alright, yeah?" look and we would chat. Hope she has all the success in the world. Kind of upset I didn't get to say thanks or goodbye.

  3. oh no!  

    but seriously I'm so happy for her that she's moving on to a job where she hopefully won't have to be on her feet at crazy hours of the night

  4. cc '11


  5. best idea ever  

    Can we get her mail address and get everyone to sign a huge thank you card?

  6. Trouble

    ...I'm unbelievably happy for Amy but I AM SO SAD FOR COLUMBIA! Also, she nicknamed me Trouble and it was the most endearing thing ever. This is actually a tragedy. I'm waiting for HamDel profits and finals grades to plummet as a result of the Amy's absence.

  7. Are y'all

    kidding?! She's a sweetie but she also jacked prices upppp when i wasn't sober and sometimes when i was. Hopefully the guys will keep things fair

  8. CC'13

    this is both the saddest and the happiest...i will really miss her, she was always so sweet and genuinely caring, she was like an aunt. that being said, our last few conversations were about how she was only getting about 3 hours of sleep with that job. i'm so glad that she found something that works better for her.

    i will miss you amy!!! whether it was bagels or condoms you were the sweetest and never ever judged.

  9. bittersweet  

    This woman was seriously one of the nicest people I've met during my time here, truly an Amsterdam angel. I'm sad to her her leave, but happy she is off to bigger and better things. BEST WISHES AMY! XOXO!

  10. nostalgic senior

    AMY FOR CLASS DAY SPEAKER! she probably knows us better than most people.

  11. young alum

    I am deeply saddened by this news.
    I have a ham del card with 9 stamps on it. I wish I could have gotten that final stamp from her. When I lived in godforsaken Wien, she was a daily ray of sunshine.
    I bought a beer from her on my 21st birthday.

    But srls, glad to hear she's moving on! I'd vote her ass to the white house for real.

  12. Anonymous

    Who will know my sloppy fries with extra cheese and side of ranch order by heart now?!

  13. Anonymous  

    DAmy was half the reason I'm currently addicted to HamDel. She made going there so pleasant, and never judged me for getting 3 times as much food as was necessary when I went there high at 1am. But I have to say I'm happy for her, hopefully she's working normal hours and making plenty of money, we all know she deserves it. I just wish I could have hugged her goodbye :(

  14. really invested here


  15. Sad Sophomore  

    Not only is she one of the most inspiring women I have had the chance to meet, but her scarf always matched her eyeliner, without fail. I admit I was impressed.

    • truth  

      Two weekends ago, drunk off our butts, my roomate and I slurring told Amy how pretty she was and how her eyeshadow matched her headscarf. She put up with all of it like the sweetie she is. I miss her already!

  16. Anonymous


    (like this if you know what it refers to)

  17. Anonymous  

    Who? I've only bought HamDel twice in the past three years...

  18. Anonymous  

    she always knew I wanted sloppy fries on drunk nights.

  19. Butler Dweller  

    Amy, you were my ray of hope during those Butler all-nighters. You will always have a special place in my heart, and I wish there were more people like you in this world.

  20. Noooo  

    I still owed her 50 cents for pickles.

  21. FACK  


  22. She told me!  

    She works at Mario's Deli on 106th and Amsterdam from 2pm-midnight! Go say hi!

  23. Amy hamdel lady

    I love all of you, I miss you too so much and really thanks a lot foy you feeling

  24. Amyy hamdel

    My email. I love u so much

  25. noooo

    this is worse than when emma watson chose brown over columbia. but actually sad.

    one wasted night i talked to her about an ex-girlfriend of mine, after which she provided really comforting words (from what i can remember) and talked about her ex-fiancee. amy is one of the best people i've met in nyc, so open and not full of shit. you will be missed!

  26. anon  

    have you seen the replacement in-training? you've got to be kidding me..

  27. Anonymous  

    She remembers all her frequent customers. She makes pleasant conversation, regardless of the hour or the state you're in. She has kind words for you if you're sad, and laughs along with you when you're happy. Just having such a wonderful person behind the counter made me more inclined to go to HamDel, even or rainy or snowy nights. She's an honest cashier who never tried to pull the wool over your eyes; she looked out for her customers. Amy, if you ever read this, know that the students of Columbia will sorely miss your presence, and that we wish you all the best in your new endeavor. Much love.

  28. cc12

    Not ready for this song

  29. so sad  

    caring for my drunken needs in undergrad and now in grad school. amy, you're the best! good luck with all your future endeavors.

  30. Anonymous

    Having been going to ham del for over 6 years and I'm still an undergrad, this is without a doubt a much bigger loss to Columbia than that of Dean Adams or Dean Quigley. She was the heartbeat of morningside heights

  31. not sure if you read bwog

    but youre fucking awesome, amy. best of luck in your future endeavors

  32. Anonymous


  33. Anonymous  

    SHE CALLED ME HER HABIBI. I'll miss her like hell.

  34. Seriously?  

    This woman would jack up prices like no man's business when i wasn't sober and sometimes when i was. she was nice, but i feel like my wallet will thank me

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