Bwoglines: War and Peace Edition

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So that's why it's called NINJA...

The LAPD raided OccupyLA yesterday, arresting 200 and dispersing protesters without much conflict or violence. (WSJ)

Dershowitz believes the key to peace in Israel is Palestinian Chicken — he recommends Prime Minister Netanyahu watch the hilarious Curb Your Enthusiasm episode with Palestinian President Abbas in an interview with the Current. (Tablet, Current)

Columbia researchers believes America is vulnerable to crippling cyber-attacks and exploding printersHP disagrees. (MSNBC, LA Times)

Transit officials believe haikus are the key to preventing road rage and violent collisions in New York’s most dangerous intersections. (MSNBC)

Unassuming instrument of war via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    PC LOAD LETTER? What fuck does that mean?

    It means HP wrote the security system for the aliens in Independence Day.

  2. Neutral Observer  

    Curb Your Enthusiasm is a good analogue of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process:
    it moves incredibly slowly and often fails to accomplish its aims.

  3. That episode  


    "Let me fuck the Jew out of you..."

  4. ld fan

    occupy this little jew boy

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