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On opening night of the 118: Varsity Show, Bwog spotted Sunil Gulati and his wife in the audience.  After hearing some of the, ahem, references to the man in the course of the show, we had to hear what he thought.

Bwog: Do you have a reaction to the show – and in particular, your portrayal in it?  Did you enjoy it?

Gulati: I thought the show was great and enjoyed it very much, especially in that so many former students were involved in various aspects of the production.  In all my time at Columbia, I haven’t been to The Varsity Show before—I’d certainly go again in the future.

B: What did your wife think?

G: My wife also thought the show was terrific.  She didn’t get all of the references—as would be true for many people not directly affiliated with Columbia—but she thoroughly enjoyed it.  The only downside was when we met “Lexi” [Jenny Singer, BC’15, who had a crush on Gulati in the show] after the show.   I am not 100% sure because she spoke in Spanish but I think she said, “As far as I am concerned, you can —-in’ have him.”

B: Were you aware of how you would be portrayed?

G: Ben Harris [CC’14, the show’s producer] invited us and mentioned that there would be a few references, but I had no idea on specifics.

B: What did you think about the message to pursue learning rather than jobs?

G: Was that the message—sorry I missed it?  My wife and I both thought the main message was the importance of studying in the library so one would be free of distractions.

Wishin’ we had a reserved seat via Gina Borden/V118

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  1. DEATH  



  2. OMG

    After reading this interview I now have a giant crush on Gulati.

  3. Anonymous  

    Now to interview Niamh O'Brien and Deantini!

  4. Neeeeev (via listerv)  

    Did you see the Varsity Show?
    What an incredible display of the talent and creativity that makes the Columbia community such a pleasure to be a part of! Congratulations to the entire cast and crew, especially Rebekah Lowin, for her flawless performance as the show’s protagonist!

    Regarding the show’s story of the struggle many students face when it comes to choosing a career path: We’ve all been there and we’re here to help you uncover your passions and get to a place where you can fulfill them. Do some digging and you’ll find a very broad range of opportunities to do what you love!

    Enjoy the last day of classes and good luck with final exams. And, to the students involved the 118th Annual Varsity Show, thank you for making our Friday night so witty and fun!

    Neeeeeev and the rest of CCE

  5. Oh, Sunil  

    If only you knew
    Just how your students love you
    You'd cancel microoooooo

  6. Anonymous  

    AHH so much rape culture!!! lol

  7. After opening night  

    Lexi (played by Jenny), in That's How I Troll: "Does anybody know if Gulati has a wife?"
    Sunil Gulati, to Jenny, standing with his wife: "Gulati has a wife."

  8. Anonymous  

    omg wait one of the tags is "#sincemybatmitzvah" go bwog!

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