1. brue  

    lyk dis if u cry evertim

  2. wrong  

    Kent elevator

  3. Anonymous  

    everything sucks sobbbb

  4. How about  

    the stairs...

  5. Anonymous  

    have they BEEN to Watt??

  6. Anonymous  

    my entire freshman year i had class on the seventh floor of hamilton. monday thru friday. looking back on it now im not sure how i stood it. WORST elevator ever.

  7. What?

    You know what sucks more? Being the poor sap who has to clean this up. Too many kids on this campus treat the facilities staff as if they're cabin stewards on a four year long cruise. Get some perspective people.

    The elevator in one of the buildings at your ivy league school is too slow? Shut up and take the stairs.

    • you're right, it's not a cruise  

      it's more expensive

    • Anonymous  

      Or maybe the administrators could listen to the students/everyone else and speed up the elevators.

      I bet if you move Deantini's office to the 7th floor, this elevator speed problem will be fixed in a snap.

      Mudd elevators also suck

      • Anonymous  

        i'm not an elevator algorithm expert but the mudd elevators could be much better off with a little reprogramming. they're speedy enough, but you'd have all the other elevators opening at the same time as the last person is trying to squish into the one that's full. maybe even/odd floor elevators would help?

  8. Anonymous

    is a cruise?! Yes, we are the Costa Concordia of education...

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