A Dark Night For Souls Everywhere

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You’re miserable. We’re miserable. The guy who’ll have to kick us all out of 210 from 7 to 8 am is preemptively miserable on behalf of everyone involved. As per tradition, we took this dark and dreary night as an opportunity to traipse through Butler and photograph the anguish. Send your own photos of the meek and the wild to, and we’ll add ’em to the collection.

Take heart, warriors of these halls—only a few more hours ’til dawn breaks.

A run-of-the-mill SEAS and desist

Sweet dreams are made of this... only, minus "this" and plus "anything else, ever"

You made your (beverage)bed, now lie in it

We're nothing more than the butt of Butler's sick joke

No time to air-dry

This just in from (kind of) neighboring Wallach: hitting rock bottom in the Skylounge

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  1. Anonymous  

    I'm sorry. But this is fucking pathetic. Sleep at home. I hate the people that live in Butler. No one is that busy. No one.

  2. Anonymous  

    you just want my seat.
    we'll you aint getting motherfucker!

  3. Anonymous  

    too tired to make sense of this stupid tired world
    realizing that the last month has been a series of
    bitter disappointments or one cruel joke I put
    down my reading and fell into a hollow sleep and
    was happy for a little while as I dreamed of you

    come back to me

  4. Finals week

    is Columbia's semi-annual exercise in sadism. Actually midterm week(s) can be considered to be the same thing... Oh God what kind of fucked up system did we opt to participate in here?!?

  5. old person

    That photo of a dead flower in a red bull can from a few years ago is pretty hard to beat. Not that any one should try to. Please don't, actually.

  6. seriouslyhowever

    If you really don't have time and you must work throughout the day and night, make sure to get some sleep nevertheless-- say two hours minimum. Besides fulfilling a small part of your basic biological needs, you will also work more efficiently.

  7. Where

    is the "time the subtle thief of youth" tag? I really don't mean to be a douche—it's just my favorite.

  8. Game of Finals  

    Oh my sweet summer child, what do you know of fear? Fear is for the long night, when finals fall a hundred feet deep, and ideas on what to write about are born and live and die in the darkness while the professors grow gaunt and hungry, while the white walkers move through the library.

  9. Agh  

    Is anyone else staying up through the night for a 9am final? Will I survive? Is it unhealthy? Can I do it? Help me bwogverse

    • i'm considering it  

      for an afternoon final (if only because I had to do an essay too and I'm just now starting studying).

      at the very least take a power nap. there's an app on Android that will let you set different times--I recommend a 30 minute nap soon-ish, and then FORCE yourself to get up, and then a little bit before the test, take a 5 minute nap with your head on your desk. You'll be amazed what it can do for you.

    • Anonymous

      I've done it before. Really, you can do it - but you will need to sleep after the exam. What I did was to buy a sugar free red bull, and I had it an hour before my exam (so I wouldn't be too jittery).

      Please sleep after your exam though.

      I believe in you!

    • done it before  

      Here's the thing: at some point, you're so tired that you can't think. You know the feeling - when you're easily confused, nothing makes sense (even the stuff you studied), and you can't put two-and-two together anymore. As long as you're MIND IS SHARP, it doesn't matter how tired your body is. Remember that. And yes, I think many people stay up for their 9am classes - you will crash around 2-3pm if you stay up the whole night, so you can easily get through a morning exam. Good luck!

    • Anonymous  

      I'm doing it. I always do it. 9-12 final, and then work 3-8. Hoping sleeping in between will be satisfying though it's my experience that Red Bull-fueled day naps are the worst because you can literally hear your organs as you lay there and try to fall asleep. Good luck to you, my fellow pioneer.

  10. Anonymous  

    Adrenaline will kick in, no matter how tired you are. You can do it! Take your exam, ride the adrenaline high for the hour or two following it, and go home and crash. Then wake up and start studying for your next exam... Ahh, Columbia.


    you got lucky this time, but next time, before you go around taking pictures, stop and think "oh wait a minute. is that guy alright? maybe he isn't asleep? maybe he collapsed from exhaustion? maybe he had a stroke? maybe he was murdered? maybe he tripped, fell, and had a concussion? maybe he forgot to take his insulin today? maybe he had an argument with his gf and she poisoned his coffee out of spite?

    im not saying these are usually the case, but next time, realize that a college environment doesn't always imply "fun, games, and la la land"

    that is all.

    • with that said

      i cannot WAIT for someone to take a picture of a "Sleeping kid" in butler and send it to bwog and it gets like 50 comments all saying "LOL! hilarious!" then a few hours later, emergency crews are all over butler and it turns out, when they took the picture, the kid had died from a caffeine/red bull overdose.

      how would you feel now, after having previously commented "LOL!!!!" ?

    • with that said

      next time you see a kid lying on the FLOOR like that, don't immediately think "OMG LOL!!! HE'S ASLEEP FROM FINAL EXAM STUDYING!! LOL! I need to find my camera phone so I can send this to Bwog! They'll love it!"

      grow the fuck up, kiddies. when my cousin had a stroke and i came around the corner, he lay on the floor exactly like that. he would have died had i not called out his name several times and he didn't respond. think about what would have happened if i just assumed "oh, he's sleeping on the floor. no big deal."!!!

      instead, think "wait a minute. why is there a kid on the floor in the middle of my path that isn't a couch or bed or chair? is he ok? I'll stay around for 10 seconds to see if I can see his back arching up and down so I know he's breathing and is indeed asleep."

      disregard above advice if the kid is on a chair, sofa, or has his head on his desk.

      • Anonymous  

        who are you to say nobody did that?

      • Anonymous

        The guy on the floor isn't asleep or dead. He's reading. He was holding a book to his face.

        • "Sleeping Guy On the Floor"  

          Lawllll I was reading Crime and Punishment on the floor because the reference room had no seats and my friend was next to me.

          I have slept in Butler many a times before, but tragically for Bwog, in this picture, I'm not.

          But I love the publicity. :]

          Keep it up BWOG!!! I'll send you some better pics next time. I've got plenty!

  12. Anonymous  

    see, if I were to return to my room I will most likely not return.

  13. Anonymous  

    scrollover description: "try the other coke next time"


  14. Anonymous  

    bwog, you really shouldnt be perpetuating an extremely unhealthy way of life by helping to glorify it or make it funny. i am extremely involved in campus groups and always take a full course load (btw i have a science major and also have a concentration) and in all my 4 years here I have NEVER pulled an all-nighter. it's not necessary if you're a responsible human being and practice time management. sure, sometimes you can only sleep 5 or 6 hours when you have a big exam or paper, but COME ON. maybe if you spent less time on Bwog and more time actually studying, you could go back to your room for 5 hours and go to sleep!

  15. Anonymous

    go home and sleep if you're going to sleep anyway.

    if you've really fucked yourself over, take an addy and stay awake actually doing work.

    there is no point in half-sleeping at the library, because your sleep is shitty and you're not even getting anything done.

    sometimes people at this school just love making themselves feel like shit for no reason.

  16. Alum

    Protip: people don't do this at other schools. The library is hardly occupied at my current institution and it's reading period.

  17. Anonymous

    sir, don’t be a dick

  18. Picture had to have been taken 2 weeks ago  

    Cuz I was reading Crime and Punishment.

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