You’re miserable. We’re miserable. The guy who’ll have to kick us all out of 210 from 7 to 8 am is preemptively miserable on behalf of everyone involved. As per tradition, we took this dark and dreary night as an opportunity to traipse through Butler and photograph the anguish. Send your own photos of the meek and the wild to, and we’ll add ’em to the collection.

Take heart, warriors of these halls—only a few more hours ’til dawn breaks.

A run-of-the-mill SEAS and desist

Sweet dreams are made of this... only, minus "this" and plus "anything else, ever"

You made your (beverage)bed, now lie in it

We're nothing more than the butt of Butler's sick joke

No time to air-dry

This just in from (kind of) neighboring Wallach: hitting rock bottom in the Skylounge