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The effect this will have on your life if you already use forwarding

In an e-mail sent out earlier this afternoon, CUIT’s LionMail team informs you that they have their grubby hands on your data and they’re doing some fancy new-fangled shuffling—but don’t worry, they’ll be gentle:

Dear Undergraduate Student,

We hope you are excited about your upcoming move to LionMail @ Columbia.

On July 31 you will be start to use [sic] your new LionMail account. Beginning July 13 your existing CubMail messages and folders will be migrated to LionMail. This process will be transparent and will not affect your use of CubMail or any other email clients.

Before the process of moving your data begins, please review some brief information: <>

If you have any questions or concerns about the transition, or any other information, please contact the LionMail help team at


The LionMail team

Semi-Transparent Square via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    you will be start to use

  2. Anonymous

    "We hope you are excited..."

    Spare me!

  3. Anonymous

    they say on their FAQs that those of us who forward straight to gmail should actually still use this, which sounds like a massive pain in the ass. that said having the entire columbia directory accessible directly from your email could be pretty nice

    • Tester  

      I've been forwarding to another gmail account without issues since April(?). I am technically logged in to both accounts, but I haven't touched the Columbia one in months, so I'm fairly certain you can ignore CUIT.

  4. Anonymous  

    I'm on Lionmail and make no mistake, having access to the entire Columbia directory IS nice.

  5. Anonymous  

    Protip: Columbia publishes an LDAP directory you can use in many mail programs. There are instructions on CUIT, but basically just add to whatever mail program you use (even iPhones!)

  6. Anonymous

    Lionmail in its current form is not very great. There are many delays in its delivery system.

  7. Anonymous  

    so, the cub becomes a lion, eh?

    did they have a ceremony like this on campus when cubmail was born?

  8. Anonymous

    Dean Goldfarb's poll on the sidebar isn't working! please fix it, bwog :)

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