Columbia Class of 3012

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Tipster Ron G. sends us these screenshots from the latest episode of Futurama.

The school has everything from iconic gates…

…to red-brick, neoclassical buildings and the Van Am tholos …

…to cheap tuition.

But Columbia(c) is not the first university to be featured on Futurama. A few weeks ago, an episode set in the sewers featured another Ivy:

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  1. Anonymous

    Haha, that's awesome.

  2. Anonymous

    When do the applications open up for the Columbia featured in this episode?

  3. Anonymous

    Mars University Class of 3009 here.

  4. Anonymous

    "Tuition $10,000"

    Now that's funny.

  5. Anonymous

    Also, David Schiminovich, who teaches astronomy at Barnard, is a consultant to the Futurama writers. He showed us a clip he'd helped with on our last day of class.

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