Boringside Heights: Bigger Is Better Edition

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Morningside Heights may have spent all summer heaving great sobs of loneliness, but it isn’t about to greet newcomers and returning students with super puffy eyes. On the contrary, it’s been having quite a bit of work done. Send any minutiae we missed to



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  1. Anonymous

    And can we confirm or deny the new Jamba Juice Express station in refurbished JJ's?

  2. Anonymous

    my god i've missed this place. one look at that heights stairwell and i knew where i'm supposed to be...on the heights roof, getting inappropriately plastered for 5pm on a tuesday.

  3. 203 Patron  

    the Dell's in Butler don't look any different from what they have been...?

  4. Anonymous

    John Jay and JJ's Place have completed their renovations.

  5. captions

    made me chuckle.

  6. Anonymous

    at first i thought that soda machine was one of the new Coke Remix machines, but then i realized its just a normal machine

  7. Anonymous

    who the fuck calls it a marg?

  8. Anonymous

    omg no-slip grip on the stairs at the heights and i'll be there more often than i already am.

  9. Anonymous

    These captions are HiLARious

  10. Anonymous  

    JJ's has both Jamba and the coke freestyle machine

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