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Freshmen say the darndest things. It’s hard to walk around this campus (or read its blogs) without coming across something rather strange/funny/sad/privileged/offensive/squirrel-y. NSOP often times provides the most diverse selection of these overheard statements or overseen events, and so we want you to send them to us! The best submission will win a free boxset of first semester LitHum books (generously donated by Book Culture), the perfect gift for friends and family!

As ever, shoot us an email at

Dan L.

One freshman to another: Oh, you live by the south of France? We used to have a house there.

Malina W.

Tues night at the Heights:

Guy: “so if I add you on Facebook, can we chat more?”

… Overly eager freshmen

Emily E.

“Wait, you’re telling me that you’re planning on getting a fake ID just to watch Doctor Who?”

We’re pretty confident that people are saying funnier things, so cup your ears and crane your necks. It’s all for a good cause, after all.

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  1. Since when did...  

    weak sauce replace getting sauced at The Heights?


  2. Anonymous

    All of these gems, except maybe the third one, make me less excited to come back to school this fall.

  3. Whoever is getting a fake just to watch DW

    you are just made of awesome. Well done.

  4. Katie Jones

    These comments are funny.

  5. Another Whovian

    I may be wrong, but my guess is The Way Station in Brooklyn. It's a steampunk themed bar with a Tardis that leads to its bathroom. They also have frequent showings of Doctor Who.

  6. 10201020  

    "It was like sleeping with a mosquito. I was like, 'i don't have time for your premature ejaculation'"
    -Girl in 1020

  7. Tardis Bar  

    This freshman and I have the exact same dilemma, but I'm a junior...

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