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Your future is bright(ly lit by fluorescent bulbs)

It’s the first day of registration for freshmen, which means panic, confusion, and a lot fiddling around with color-coded iCal prototypes. If this describes you, take a deep breath. Log on to SSOL, and check your appointment time. It’s going to be okay(ish).

The following are resources that’ll help you out as you plan your intellectual future¬†scramble to avoid 9 am start-times:

Directory of Classes: This is the master list of classes. It’s the easiest way to search by professor as the Bulletin can often be slow and unwieldy.

Classes to take before you die: A compilation of the best classes and professors recommended by those who came before you.

CULPA: Columbia Underground Listing of Professor Ability

How to use CULPA: Tips and tricks for making informed decisions.

Sample of the months to come via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Karen the Librarian says should know that American Studies is offering the first ever course on the graphic novel to be taught by a tenured professor.

    Professor Jeremy Dauber with Paul Levitz (former president of DC Comics) are teaching "The American Graphic Novel," on Tuesday and Thursdays, 11:40-12:55: AMST W3630.

  2. Anonymous

    Why do athletes get to register first?

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