Your future is bright(ly lit by fluorescent bulbs)

It’s the first day of registration for freshmen, which means panic, confusion, and a lot fiddling around with color-coded iCal prototypes. If this describes you, take a deep breath. Log on to SSOL, and check your appointment time. It’s going to be okay(ish).

The following are resources that’ll help you out as you plan your intellectual future scramble to avoid 9 am start-times:

Directory of Classes: This is the master list of classes. It’s the easiest way to search by professor as the Bulletin can often be slow and unwieldy.

Classes to take before you die: A compilation of the best classes and professors recommended by those who came before you.

CULPA: Columbia Underground Listing of Professor Ability

How to use CULPA: Tips and tricks for making informed decisions.

Sample of the months to come via Wikimedia Commons