Like Christmas Morning, But With Assigned Reading

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Historical re-enactment of the first ever LitHum lecture

As dawn breaks over this first day of the semester, take a moment to revel in the ridiculous antics your professors will engage in just to get you to stay in (or drop) their class.

Bwog’s father never dressed up as a jolly old man in a red suit, but we still feel the excitement in a morning full of newness, so send your professor’s most hilarious, desperate, or heinous opening remarks to, or post them in the comments!

Extremely posed portrait via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    Frank Caridi about teaching Intro to Statistics in a UTS classroom:

    "I feel like this is a really inappropriate place to have this class..."

  2. Anonymous  

    Francesco Benelli in Intro Architecture:
    "Every year, students are always afraid of the sketches. How many of you have never held a pencil before?" [long pause. no one raises their hands.] "Aah, that's quite promising!"

  3. Anonymous  

    Steven Gregory in Urban Anthropology, in response to a students' anecdote about a relative who preferred New York "back when Times Square was full of hookers and trash":

    "Sounds like my kinda guy."

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