We Might Get ’Nadered

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Update: The view from East Campus is being described as “mad cool,” and “hella terrifying” by residents.

The following email was just sent out by Dean Martinez, on behalf of Public Safety:

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch and predicted severe thunder storms for our area until 9:00pm tonight. All students are asked to keep windows closed and shades/blinds shut until the watch is lifted. In addition, you should keep computers, electrical items away for windows. Of course it is best to remain on campus, however when traveling you are reminded to exercise caution and to monitor weather and traffic reports.

We here at Bwog would like to offer you an earnest reminder to hide your suede and expensive haircuts. There’s no place like home, folks.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Fuck. Title made me think Ralph Nader was going to be speaking on campus.

  2. Anonymous

    Holy shittee Your photos look photo-shopped.

  3. Tornado alley

    "nadered" ? Fuck you, actually

  4. Nadered  

    is what happened to Gore in 2000.

  5. ANon  

    i took the exact same photo as the first one over the summer during a storm. INCEPTION

  6. Katie Jones

    Wow. Look at that sky.

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