Bacchanal: Please Invite U-KISS

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Bacchanal is soliciting student suggestions for this spring concert’s act in good faith. Accordingly, Bwog is temporarily dropping its normal stance of professionalism and integrity, and standing up for its passionate and biased convictions.

So here it is. Bacchanal E-board: please invite U-KISS to perform at Bacchanal!

  1. Columbia students deserve to dance to the hot beats and infectious rhythms of U-KISS.
  2. Inviting U-KISS to campus keeps with Columbia’s identity as a global university, and would establish critical inroads with the South Koreans if PrezBo ever wanted to grace the Korean Peninsula with a prized global center.
  3. Columbia has a special spot in its heart for U-KISS, and U-KISS fans (KISSmes) have a spot in theirs for Columbia.

If you’re with us, readers, do your part:

  • Sign our petition, because that’s how things are done now a’days.
  • Tweet with the hashtag #KISSmeNYC.
  • KISSmes, we know you’re reading, and we want your help, too!

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  1. just curious  

    Can someone please explain why effeminate males are so much sexier to a broad audience in Asia than they are in the "West"? Or is that just an unfair generalization?

    • So

      Justin Bieber?


      David Bowie for fucks sake?

    • Anonymous  

      because no discussion or even mention of homosexuality (or sexuality) is ever present in popular culture. (or, more correctly, has only recently started to be incorporated into, although mostly in pejorative contexts) I'm not sure if those 'effeminate' stylistic choices are specifically intended to exude raw sexual appeal - they can also be about seeming "cute", "pretty", "gentle", and so in a weird way "boyfriendy".

  2. this semester

    bwog's really gone down the tubes.

    i know people say that every semester. i haven't before, though, and mean it now.

    --cc 13

  3. So

    much autotune my ears bleed.

  4. How about yes  

    Its way better than having snoopdog bankrupting bachanaal which we had to bail out with our student fees

  5. Anonymous

    Oh God Bwog, stop. Just stop.

  6. └(★o★)┐  

    if only columbia had enough "klout" to get big bang or 東方神起/TVXQ/DBSK for bacchanal :C

  7. Anonymous  

    I just cannot understand Bwog's fascination with this band...

  8. Anonymous  

    PSY or nothing.

  9. Its Obvious  

    That BWOG is capitalizing on AJ's fame to attract his fan visitors so to boost Bwog's viewership... sad...

  10. Anonymous

    I hope Bwog was just being polite...

  11. Anonymous  

    Just bring PSY.

  12. Hip Hop Fan  

    Please bring in some good NYC rappers...Action Bronson, A$AP Rocky, Roc Marciano

    Also bring The Weeknd

  13. Anonymous

    if u guys think ukiss is just nothing, please dont even sake ur butt when they visit Columbia

  14. Anonymous

    Steve Aoki!!! (He's Asian)

  15. WAKA FLOCKANAL 2013  

    Cause screw U-Kiss

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