Today is the Drop Deadline!

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Skrillex is way below the credit limit in his Bass class.

Many of you in CC and Barnard have acted like your class is dubstep and waited for the drop…deadline. Well, here it is!

If you want to do this, print out an add/drop form, fill it out, and hand it back in to the Student Services Center in Kent 205 before 5pm.

It’s too late to drop Lit Hum, CC, Art Hum, Music Hum, and African Civ, and you also can’t drop below the 12 credits per semester threshold.

Good luck!

Obligatory dubstep pun via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    such a noob no chance this person has any idea what dubstep is (and it's a shit form of EDM regardless).

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