DIY: Pumpkin Pipe

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Because everyone has a drill lying around…

Pumpkin carving is so passé. Bwog brings you a better way to not only enjoy your favorite autumnal herb, but also save your lungs the planet. Sate your  urges with a pumpkin pipe for your tobacco and other “herbal products.” 

What you will need and where to get it:


* Note: any mesh-like material will work, but make sure it holds up under some heat, since this is where your “herbs” are going to be burnin’.

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  1. risqué  

    ...but exactly what directions I've been looking for all week

  2. Anonymous  

    Bwog bong. Bwong.

  3. have to say  

    I approve this post

  4. Anonymous  

    Is Bwog doing a photo costume contest again this year?

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