Monday Classes Cancelled in Anticipation of Sandy

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Now freak out!

Now is the time to remain in a state of calm panic! Monday classes are cancelled! Though we have yet to receive official word from the administration, the Columbia preparedness website has announced that all classes and events on Monday, 10/29 are cancelled.

Given Columbia’s general reticence to cancel classes, this move is likely in direct response to MTA closing all transit at 7 p.m. tonight.

Keep an eye on this post for further updates.

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  1. Anonymous  

    some girl last night bit my lip when we were making out and it hurt like really badly. I honestly thought it was going to bleed. That is the second time that shit happened, with two different girls. What the fuck ladies? Can y'all stop that shit?

  2. Anonymous  

    are barnard classes cancelled?

  3. YESSSSS  

    MORE DRINKING!!!!!!!!!

  4. A day too early  

    What are the chances that Tuesday will be cancelled too? That's my midterm.

  5. Anonymous  

    I imagine jugs of water are all sold out by now, so I guess I'll just buy a bunch of 30 racks.

  6. Anonymous

    Barnard's great cause of all the fluffy jewish girls that go there. More cushion for the pushing.

  7. Van Owen  

    Watch out for the herpes man. I wouldn't be surprised if you experience a level five outbreak about the lip region. Memories fade, but herpes lasts forever.

  8. anon

    "Sleep in! Have another Halloween Party!"
    "Haha ok mom"
    "Did you guys get enough food and drinks? Drinks being the operative word"

  9. SoA '14

    Does anyone need a hurricane snuggle buddy? I need one...

  10. CCSC meeting still on though  

    The enthusiasm from that email is sickening.

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