Overheard: A Stroke of Brilliance

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Where all Russian Lit majors end up

A tipster overheard this exchange outside of Carman:

Guy 1: So, you’re majoring in Russian literature?

Guy 2: Yeah and philosophy.

Guy 1: What the fuck are you gonna be?

Guy 2: I’m gonna work on Wall Street.

Looks like someone has it all figured out.

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  1. Anon  

    Stick it to the man. Follow your dreams!

  2. MD  

    that's what I would do if my dad's Golf buddies were Investment Bankers. Oh wait they are! Suck it losers.

  3. Hartley 6A  

    Was this you, Jack?

  4. LF  

    haha definitely not jack, unless he's using his excellent sense of humor. plus, he's doing russian and comp lit, not philosophy.

  5. Sounds great.  

    I'll have the chicken over rice, Dostoyevsky.

  6. ostrovsky

    triple hair loss.

  7. It happens

    Majored in Spanish and have worked on Wall Street since graduation.

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