PSA: Don’t Even Try

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Overseen this weekend

Update, 12:48 am: And apparently all of you in Butler are busy procrastinating by confessing your crushes on this Tumblr…

Finals cometh and with that Butler is completely full.  After doing the rounds for a half hour, Bwog has determined that, as oft happens this magical time of year, there are no more open seats.  Go to sleep, and for goodness sake don’t camp and don’t follow this overheard dude:

Person 1: I’m going to sleep.

Person 2: Whaaattt?

Person 1: …in the Ref Room.

Meanwhile, Bwog looked over in 310 and saw a man complete three Google searches:

  1. What’s the most dangerous animal
  2. Who is the most overpaid actor
  3. What is the most boring city in the United States

Let us know your answers to these pressing questions in the comments.

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  1. Anonymous  

    I was studying in Butler and was really confused because I thought I heard what sounded like a hot water heater. I looked up and a girl with a cuby had her hot water heater and everything set up XD

  2. один

    1. Honey badger
    2. Steven Seagal
    3. Salt Lake City

  3. caged beast  

    1 and 2. Nicolas Cage

  4. одна  

    1. Hippo
    2. Jack Black
    3. Baltimore

  5. Anonymous

    i have to take a shit

  6. Correct

    1) Nic Cage
    2) Nic Cage
    3) Ironton, OH

  7. Twitch  

    Coffee, weed and adderal.
    Guarine, tea and alcohol.
    Take just one or take them all!
    Never mind, it's finals.

    Rosy fingered dawn I saw,
    Ent'ring Butler's hellish maw.
    No time to cook, I'll eat it raw!
    Never mind, it's finals.

    My health? It might not be the best,
    My heart might beat right through my chest.
    In two weeks I can get some rest!
    Oh, when will finals end?

    Now my mind begins to wander,
    When my shower I do ponder.
    Absence makes the heart grow fonder!
    Never mind, it's finals.

    Spec and Bwog are bashing Greeks,
    But in this room are only geeks.
    Have I been here for days or weeks?
    Oh, when will finals end?

  8. Harmony Hunter  

    I wouldn't be sleeping in Butler if I could just find Harmony Hall

  9. Anonymous

    1. Owls
    2. Most of them
    3. Atlanta, GA

  10. funny thing is

    I banged a girl on that structure last weekend. That girl is sitting on my semen.

  11. Former @Butler310FILO Admin

    Hi --

    The former administrators of the @Butler310FILO twitter account are very worried about the status of the room these days. Is it getting crazy in there? (It certainly looks like it with some person parking herself on top of one of the catalogs). Let us know via Twitter, thanks.

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