Overseen this weekend

Update, 12:48 am: And apparently all of you in Butler are busy procrastinating by confessing your crushes on this Tumblr…

Finals cometh and with that Butler is completely full.  After doing the rounds for a half hour, Bwog has determined that, as oft happens this magical time of year, there are no more open seats.  Go to sleep, and for goodness sake don’t camp and don’t follow this overheard dude:

Person 1: I’m going to sleep.

Person 2: Whaaattt?

Person 1: …in the Ref Room.

Meanwhile, Bwog looked over in 310 and saw a man complete three Google searches:

  1. What’s the most dangerous animal
  2. Who is the most overpaid actor
  3. What is the most boring city in the United States

Let us know your answers to these pressing questions in the comments.