Bwog Asked, “What’s Getting You Through Finals?”

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Oh coffee, where would we be without you?
Oh coffee, where would we be without you?

Mostly a lot of this…

Last week, Bwog asked Sunday night Butler residents what they would rather be doing. This week, we wondered what’s getting them through finals. Here are their replies:

  • Boy in 310 alcove with Mac charger hanging across room: Red Bull
  • Two guys in 210: We deactivated our Facebooks (bold strategy, guys)
  • Girl in 210: R&B
  • Another 210 Girl: A lot of sandwiches
  • Guy in 211: A few nights ago, I had this little paper to write. I sent out a Facebook message to all my friends saying I had been procrastinating and asking hem to send an encouraging message. So while I’m writing the paper, all these encouraging texts poured in. Seeing that all those people cared, it makes me want to write all these papers so I can spend time on those relationships.
  • Guy in hallway outside 211: Ferris peppermints and JJ’s fro-yo.
  • People also sitting the 211 hallway: Girl: Starbucks. Guy: Also fear. Girl: The fear of Starbucks closing
  • Guy in 209: When I don’t have to study, I drink a lot

  • Guy in computer lab: Uhhh, I don’t have any finals…(was hopefully probably a professor)
  • Guy in 209: I only have two…so…getting out of here before it turns as bad as you guys made it look last year
  • Ref Room Dude: Nothing (don’t worry, dude! We believe in you!)
  • Girl in computer lab: *wrestles with the questions for like 5 minutes* Going home and having sex with my boyfriend
  • Group of freshman girls in 3rd floor catalog room with Calculus and Lit Hum books: Girl 1: I’m gonna be on a beach in Peru in 2 weeks. Girl 2: Food, probably. Girl 3: Studying with my friends. *laughs sheepishly*
  • GS senior also in 3rd floor catalog room: Texting with my friends who are no longer in school
  • Girl on floor 4: The idea that I only have to make it two more weeks then I can be a vegetable.
  • Girl wearing a hat and mittens: Peppermint mochas
  • Guy on floor 3 at the drinking fountain: Porn
  • Pair at ground floor table: Girl: The fact that I’m studying something I’m interested in. Guy: Taking it one day at a time
  • Guy in hallway while smiling: Not much man, I’m about to die (you can do it!)
  • Guy in 209 with beanie: A lack of sleep
  • A rather cheerful girl: The fact that I’m going home after this
  • Guy in a festively-striped sweater: My friends (awwww!)

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  1. The Veiled Mouth  

    my burning desire to avenge the Dark Hand.

    look to ur sins bwoggies.

  2. Anonymous  

    Your use of binary gender roles to distinguish people is no better than using their race. It reeks of cis-normativity and promotes rape culture.

  3. Anonymous

    how come the person in the 310 alcove is a 'boy,' but everyone else of the same sex is a 'guy'? did he strike you as singularly immature? has all the red bull he's been drinking arrested his puberty?

  4. Lexie

    Bwog, thank you for making me laugh not only throughout the year, but especially during finals. You guys are great.

  5. ugh  

    she doesn't even go here

  6. PLZ  

    Someone finish my paper!!!!

  7. Taylor Swift  

    quiet sobbing

  8. CC'13 female  

    MASTURBATION! i'm really surprised no one said this. seriously though, i'm constantly finger blasting during finals.

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