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Bwog Asked: How Do You Feel About Springing Forward?
Bwog could have used that hour productively

Bwog could have used that hour productively

We all felt the wrath of losing an extra hour of sleep last night that we could have desperately used with the encroaching week of hell. In times of distress, it is best to know that you are not alone; everyone else is equally pissed (or happy?) In order to further make people listen to us talk about this whole “springing forward” situation, Bwoggers scurried through Butler tonight to ask the patrons how they felt about springing forward.

Butler Cafe

  • “Horrible. I got three hours of sleep.”
  • “Abolish it now, like Arizona”

2nd Floor

  • “I don’t like it.”
  • “Good.”
  • “I don’t know.”
  • “I don’t have an opinion. It happens every year.”
  • “It’s nice when we gain an hour.”
  • “Losing an hour didn’t help.”

Things are getting dark

Bwog Asked: What Did You Do For Valentine’s Day?
"I hope there's wine in here"

“I hope there’s wine in here”

This weekend of romance has come to an end. Scurrying back into their camped out spots in Butler, Bwoggers stopped to ask a few of tonight’s patrons what they did for Valentine’s Day.


  • I went to a party at Harvard
  • I cooked dinner and watched Blue Valentine. Realized there are more fucked up relationships than mine.
  • I went to dinner and a shitty movie. We left halfway through.
  • I went to the basketball game, and that’s pretty much it.
  • I went to the basketball game and my friends almost died of sadness.
  • I celebrated Galentines day. We had tea and little sandwiches.

5th Floor

  • Hung out
  • When was Valentine’s Day?
  • Nothing worth you writing about

6th Floor

  • This is embarrassing. My friend from high school was visiting so I ate mac ‘n’ cheese at her house.
  • I drank a lot of wine.
  • House of Cards marathon.
  • The library
  • I drank wine with some friends

Trying too hard via Shutterstock


Bwog Asked: What Olympic Sport Would You Play/See?
Bwog does it for Mother Russia

Bwog does it for Mother Russia

While Columbia may not be sending too many athletes to the Olympics, a school can dream. It boost morale and remind everyone to watch the insane figure skaters, unathletic Bwoggers hit the Butler for their daily exericse of walking up the stairs to the 3rd floor to ask the Butler patrons what sport they would play if they were in the Olympics, or what they would like to see if they went.

3rd Floor

  • Soccer! Oh for the Winter Olympics?! Figure skating, but I can’t actually do it.
  • Skiing, I guess

4th Floor

  • Sleep
  • For Russia because I majored in Russian Studies
  • To See Shaun White!

Some true gems after the jump

Bwog Asked: What Sport Do You Actually Like To Watch?
"Can we watch the new episode of Real Housewives instead?"

“Can we watch the new episode of Real Housewives instead?”

You could say that Bwog’s inner-love for sports is showing with the Super Bowl tonight and the Winter Olympics starting on Friday. With athletic jubilee in our souls, Bwoggers made their way through Butler a little bit earlier than usual tonight to ask people what sport do they actually like to watch.

1st Floor

  • The only sport I watch is Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
  • Or people running to their rooms after one night stands.

2nd Floor

  • What? Volleyball.
  • The Olympics, I guess.
  • Yeah no I don’t watch sports.
  • I want to be watching the Super Bowl but I have to study. My roommate (who’s a diehard Broncos fan) is texting me updates.
  • *Much apprehension* Swimming is a sport, right?
  • Football
  • Chess

Up in the But

Bwog Asked: How Cold IS It?
v tumblr hip

v tumblr hip

Considering Bwog continues to freeze their asses off every time they try to walk to Butler, we decided to go around and ask people how cold it is once we got to the library. Our weather app isn’t loading and quite honestly you all are much more informative than that app even though it shows pretty animated snow when it’s snowing.


  • The Stacks (Bwog trusts you)

Smoker’s Plaza:

  • I can still feel both of my feet, so it’s fine.
  • It’s not that cold today…..

2nd Floor

  • I go back to my room and can’t feel my feet for 10 minutes
  • So cold that I haven’t been outside in four hours
  • One person: “Brisk.” A Friend: “Yeah, Brisk is good; two for brisk.”
  • Twin one: “Arctic cold”  Twin two: “yeah, sorry.”
  • Not as cold as Chicago where when I went outside the moisture in my nose froze but cold enough that it took a Herculian effort to get over here from McBain.
  • Ice cold.
Bwog Asked: What Is Your Happy Place?
"Remember those days before finals when everything was good and nothing hurt?"

“Remember those days before finals when everything was good and nothing hurt?”

Momma Bwog is already worried about all of you kids being sad and your mental health and it’s not even the last day of classes yet. To cheer you all up and bring you back to some happier times away from work, Bwoggers bugged asked tonight’s patrons of Butler what is their happy place to survive finals?

Smoker’s Plaza

  • Not here…
  • Here! Not there (pointing at Butler)
  • Having a joint outside of Butler instead of a cigarette… hypothetically speaking of course ; – )
  • Not my bed because my room is freezing…
  • My bed!
  • Orgasm.

3rd Floor

  • St. Bart’s
  • Home
  • My bed
  • A room full of cats
  • Girl with headphones: “What…? I’ve never really thought about it.”
  • Person hiding in the stairwell: “The Heights!”

Cheer up you guys!

Bwog Asked: What Are You Doing For Thanksgiving?
Nom nom nom

Nom nom nom

Yes, we know you were all waiting for this question in our Bwog Asked series. Tonight, Bwoggers ventured to Butler to see what all of you are doing for the impending Thanksgiving break.

Smoker’s Plaza

  • Going home to Maryland
  • Going to my Grandma’s house in Queens
  • Going home and Black Friday shopping because it’s the first year I’m allowed to (my mom used to think I would get trampled)

2nd Floor

  • Bartending 3 times. And feasting with my roommates
  •  *blank, sad stare* nothing
  • Family dinner with friends from Mexico
  • Going with my girlfriend’s friend’s family to upstate New York
  • Laughing at the shit my grandparents say
  • Going home to my house in Philadelphia
  • Going home, nothing too crazy

3rd Floor

  • Going home
  • Catching up on work
  • Eating lots of food!
  • Probably watching a lot of Pretty Little Liars

Imagine if this was from the dining hall via Shutterstock

Bwog Asked: What Makes You Feel Warm and Fuzzy?
Bwog's heating still hasn't been turned on

Bwog’s heating still hasn’t been turned on

Considering today’s shitty weather, Bwog wanted to think of an extra special Bwog Asked to cheer up tonight’s patrons of the But. Uncomfortably, Bwog was social and asked, “what makes you feel warm and fuzzy?”

Smoker’s Plaza

  • Slippers
  • A pillow
  • Green *As Bwog leaves, a debate begins on which colour is the fuzzier and warmer (candidates: yellow, orange and red)*
  • *Two friends* Fur
  • Leather
  • Lerner Hall

Bwog has become such a social butterfly

Bwog Asked: What Are You Excited About?
"It's almost that time of the year again where relatives give me free shit!"

“It’s almost that time of the year again when relatives give me free shit!”

Bwog is a glass-half-full kinda group and always likes to think the students of Columbia have bright and shiny futures jam packed with happy things to look forward to. So, we stumbled into the But tonight to ask tonight’s patrons what they’re excited about.

Smoker’s Plaza

  • I’m writing a final paper I’m pretty excited about
  • The world chess tournament.. It’s in India tonight (who knew!)
  • Girl: I just got back from an extended Spring break (from London), so I’m excited to be here! Back in NYC!
    Her Friend: I’m excited for her to be back
  • Italian Gelato in January
  • Junior: Graduating and getting out of here (dark)

You kids say the darndest things

Bwog Asked: What Are You Being for Halloween?
This is what Bwog looks like when they find alcohol on Thursday night

This is what Bwog looks like when they find alcohol on Thursday night

Halloween just so happens to be this Thursday which means Halloween parties all weekend so Bwog went to Butler tonight to see what all you ghost and ghouls are dressing up as for Halloween. Y’all are spooky.

Second Floor

  • I haven’t thought about it because I have a paper due Thursday!
  • A priest
  • A devil, or something stupid like that

Third Floor

  • Sexy cat
  • Uh.. I don’t know yet
  • A bison
  • The Fox (Yilvis.. get it)
  • Catwoman
  • Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus
  • *A rugged looking guy* A lumberjack
  • *Everyone in Butler tonight* I don’t know
  • Spring Breakers
  • Clockwork Orange character
  • Star Wars duo of Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper

Smoker’s Plaza

  • Marilyn Monroe
  • An Amish person on Rumspringa, the Columbia Strip Team, or a zombie
  • Skanky Alma Mater

A special overheard in Lerner

  • A pregnant Kate Middleton

Bwog is actually a baby via Shutterstock

Bwog Asked: What Did You Do Yesterday?
Bwog imagines this is what you looked like doing fun shit yesterday

Bwog imagines this is what you looked like doing fun shit yesterday

Lez be honest: Saturdays can be a mixed bag of fun, but yesterday seemed to call for a little extra pizzaz. Bwog stumbled into Butler like every Sunday night to ask the yearning question of what did y’all do yesterday? Why haven’t people caught on to the fact we do this every Sunday night and aren’t piling up in 209 just waiting to answer?

Smokers’ Lounge/Outside Butler

  • I wrote an essay
  • I wrote one, too (must be in cahoots)
  • Took a lot of painkillers
  • I announced the game from the WKCR station. It’s not like I joined sports radio because I like sports or anything

3rd Floor

  • *Exhuasted student* Visited my sick grandmother
  • Fucking midterms
  • Didn’t go to Homecoming, that’s what
  • Went to Homecoming. I was drunk by noon, sober by 7:00 and hit a gravity bong by 9:00

Up in the But

Bwog Asked: What Does A Midterm Mean To You?
Bwog pays attention, duh

“What was the professor saying when I looked at tumblr the whole lecture?”

As this Thursday officially marks the middle of the semester, Bwog annoyed everyone politely asked the Butler patrons tonight what does a midterm mean to them?


  • I’m probably a bad person to ask because I only have one midterm

2nd Floor

  • Well you got to put in a solid effort you know. I think it’s actually harder than finals week cause you still have to go to all your other classes and do all the work for those.

3rd Floor

  • A few days of not getting enough sleep
  • Eating too much
  • Plain crazy

Let’s get high-er in Butler

Bwog Asked: What’s The Best Part About Fall?
crunch crunch crunch

So beautiful

We’re trying to stop denying it: fall is upon us.  To that end, we asked our Sunday Butlerites: what’s the best part of the season?

Smokers Plaza

  • It’s not hot enough that it’s disgusting and I want to kill myself, but I’m from LA so I don’t want to freeze my ass off, but I can wear a fucking sweater.
  • It rains and I’m from London so I feel at home

Security Guards & Cafe:

  • Hockey — favorite team, The Rangers
  • I don’t care about it
  • No one’s on the streets
  • The coming snow

2nd Floor:

  • Looking forward to seeing the leaves change, I’m from Miami
  • Salted caramel mochas
  • Good weather for hiking in the park
  • My birthday
  • The weather. Like mid-60s
  • Mocking people who get pumpkin spice lattes
  • The clothing
  • The changing of the leaves
  • Boots
  • Pumpkin pie

Higher and higher and higher

Bwog Asked: What Are You Prepared For
luv u bb

This one goes out to Mo

Life throws a lot of curveballs.  To that end, we set into Butler last night to see: what are you prepared for?  There were a lot more class references than zombie apocalypse references, sadly.

2nd floor:

  • Nothing.
  • New beginnings…
  • Next weekend.
  • That’s tough. I don’t know–probably just the zombie apocalypse.
  • Right now I’m going to buy some coffee…?!?
  • Probably nothing right now, I’m supposed to take a linear algebra exam tomorrow so I’m dropping the class. Nothing except the Clinton Global Initiative really.
  • The psych quiz that was about our syllabus.
  • I’m going to the library…?!?
  • This paper that’s due at midnight.

3rd floor: 

  • Art humanities
  • Graduate school
  • To graduate
  • Chums: “I am prepared to go to Starbucks.”
    “I am prepared to take a big dump.”

4th floor:

  • I don’t know. I don’t know. Oh, no.

 5th floor:

  • Ummm…well now I kind of feel like I’m not prepared for anything…I mean I guess I’m pretty good on my Econ reading?

6th floor:

  • I suppose I’m prepared for my political science class – Democracy and Dictatorship in Europe
  • Quantitative physiology.

Cafe/smoker’s plaza/hallways:

  • I’m prepared for Fall Break
  • Being a leader.
  • …Shit. Fuck.
  • Bed.
  • Mario Kart Wii.
  • I’m not prepared, but I’m in the process of prepping for organic chemistry.
  • Hmmm… something.
  • What is dees Bwog?
  • The weekend.

Not Mariano via Shutterstock

Bwog Asked: Cravings
We feel ya

We feel ya

Happy Sunday night! For the first time this semester, Bwog trooped over to Butler to ask random and personal questions to the brave/academically dedicated souls who were already spending their evenings there. (Full disclosure: Bwog hasn’t been to a library this year except to buy a Naked smoothie.) We asked the people, “What are you craving?” Responses — the first of many — below.


  • “Sushi.”
  • “Chocolate.”
  • “Muffins from downstairs.”
  • “Vanilla milkshake.”
  • “I’m really set right now actually, I feel full.”
  • “Maybe chai tea?”
  • “Pizza.”
  • “Water.”
  • “Like, anything? Food. I’m pretty hungry.”
  • “Food—I haven’t eaten yet. I’m at the point where it doesn’t matter what it is, but a Belgian waffle would be nice.”
  • “Chocolate…”
  • “S’mores.”
  • “Maybe gum?”
  • “Lebanese food… I haven’t had good Arab food since I left.”
  • “There’s a chicken caesar wrap from Milano in my mini-fridge and I’m dying to eat it. It’s so close and yet so far.”
  • Man behind the counter in Butler Coffee Shop: “Coffee.”
  • Guy: “Food?” Bwog: “Any specific kind of food?” Guy: “I guess a burger, since we’re going to a bar after…”

Not food:

  • “To go to sleep [or] to have more time in my schedule.”
  • “Bubble bath and soft music.”
  • “Craving? Nothing. I’m content.”
  • “World peace.”
  • *thinks* “To see someone, I think…”
  • “A couch.”
  • “Air conditioning in Wien.”
  • “Honestly, a manicure.”
  • Woman behind the counter in Butler Coffee Shop (through the translation of the aforementioned man): “Home…and…peace.”
  • Security guard at the door: “Peace and quiet.”

Happiness and not studying via Wikimedia