To Orgo Or To Breakfast?

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Here in the darkness of finals, not one, but two time-honored procrastinatory activities are available for you tonight. You can either catch Orgo Night for politically incorrect jokes in Butler, or nourish your all-nighter at Barnard’s Midnight Breakfast — the theme this year is Electric Breakfast, which means that you have to do the electric slide if you want pancakes. Both events start at midnight (11 p.m. for Barnard freshmen and 11:30 p.m. for the rest of BC), so a tough choice awaits you.

Here’s the final promo video for Orgo Night, coming soon to a 209 near you:

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  1. For the record  

    Orgo Night does not start early for Barnard freshmen.

  2. John  

    So what did the flier say? KevSho's email has me intrigued.

  3. I love the one dude in the library who peeks out his head from the desks, like, "Seriously, dude, wtf."

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