Econ Majors Get Competitive

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The semi-annual economics slumber party happened last night on the 10th floor if the IAB.  However, the competitive nature of these students emerged and things took a turn from last semester’s jolly gathering.  Instead of engaging in traditional games, sleepers fought to see who could most aggressively ignore everyone else in the hallway.  Tactics included ear-enveloping headphones, Kindles with automatic recordings of a librarian’s “shh!” played every 5 minutes, and eye-rolling to a friend on videochat.  In the end, no one won, but everyone was given a consolation prize: a position in their preferred seminar.

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  1. Anonymous

    Change the system Econ Department! Forcing your students to take endurance test to get in into required seminar is ridiculous.

  2. Alum

    This seems like a pretty stupid system. Anything that you have to camp out and wait for probably isn't worth it.

    I'm looking at you Duke Basketball and New Year's Eve in Times Square.

  3. Anonymous  

    duks is ranked number 1...

  4. Columbia 2012

    The more that seminar sign ups resemble the Hunger Games, the further away you need to get from that department. RUN!

    And for future Econ majors. The only seminars that go fast are the ones about ibanking. If you are signing up for a seminar where the requirements might actually include caring about real people, sleep in. There will be spots in the morning, promise.

  5. raina  

    were you watching porn?

  6. Alex Park  

    were you watching afro samurai?

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