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A tipster overheard these two whining speaking about the weather today. You know you were all thinking it.

1: ”Dude, it’s so cold. I’m not going to classes today. I’m just gonna email all my teachers and ask them to send me the”

2: ”Dude you’re so lazy.”

1: ”It’s so cold they should just cancel school. I’m wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt AND a North Face and it’s still cold.”

Maybe invest in a heavier winter coat?

Future Columbia students via Shutterstock

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  1. Or... the fuck up.

  2. Anon  

    mcbain had no hot water this morning or heat and i still took a shower without crying for more than 10 minutes. GROW A PAIR

  3. Because for real  

    I can really jive with this cold weather I've been waiting for it to return

  4. CC '13  

    i was thinking they should cancel classes, but cancelling ~school is much better idea.

  5. Anonymous  

    A long-sleeved tee AND a North Face jacket? Don't pull a muscle or anything.

  6. Anonymous  

    It's January in New York. What did you expect?

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