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As spring internships start, we here at Bwog have realized that knowing exactly where Odysseus wentthe intricacies of a Hobbesian state of nature, and the proxies involved in fMRIs aren’t very useful in a real workplace.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of classes the Core should teach in order to maximize our immediate efficacy in our careers.

  • Introduction to Scanning
  • Transporting Unusually Shaped Objects In Public Transportation
  • Stamps 101
  • History of Coffee-Making
  • Geometry for Holding Multiple Cups of Coffee
  • Interpreting Lunch “Hour”
  • Microsoft Excel I: How to Exit A Cell Without Breaking Everything
  • Microsoft Excel II: Everything Else
  • Principles of Elevator Small Talk
  • Advanced Tabbed Browsing
  • What to Do When No One Has Work for You to Do
  • Interns: Help or Burdens?, A Colloquium
  • Professional Wardrobe Basics: How Much Cleavage Is The Right Amount
  • Tactics of Pedestrianism in NYC
  • How to Adjust to the Real World Where No One Has Read or Cares About Anything You’ve Wasted the Last Four Years On
  • Faking an 8-Hour Workday as the “Social Media Intern”
  • Outlook: Not Just A Philosophical Concept
  • WTF is a Routing Number: Introduction to Paperwork
  • Advanced Printing Techniques: From Wi-Fi-Connected Printers to That USB Laserjet
  • The Art of Taking Lunch Orders
  •  So Your Boss Is Crazy: Advanced Workshop

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  1. Too Late  

    Re: V118, The Corporate Core

  2. jim s.  

    fuk u for writing this. this is so dumb i hate ur guts bwog

  3. Alum

    My workplace is an fmri research lab, so it's pretty darn useful for some people. Different type of intro to scanning needed, though.

    • Anonymous

      Surpise yourself by reading a book written by a buddy of the Core's architect, Nicholas Murray Butler, who tried to summarize the core into one little book for the masses. Really surprise yourself when you realize it is Dale Carnegies "How to Win Friends and Influence People". I am not kidding you!

  4. CC-Alum

    Please add:
    Printer 101 - How to fix paper jams and how to refill paper / toner
    Social Finance - How to work and be productive with a massive hangover

  5. Anonymous  

    "How much cleavage is the right amount"


  6. CC '13  

    "How to Make Friends" (for those of you all who were raised by wolves)

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