As spring internships start, we here at Bwog have realized that knowing exactly where Odysseus wentthe intricacies of a Hobbesian state of nature, and the proxies involved in fMRIs aren’t very useful in a real workplace.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of classes the Core should teach in order to maximize our immediate efficacy in our careers.

  • Introduction to Scanning
  • Transporting Unusually Shaped Objects In Public Transportation
  • Stamps 101
  • History of Coffee-Making
  • Geometry for Holding Multiple Cups of Coffee
  • Interpreting Lunch “Hour”
  • Microsoft Excel I: How to Exit A Cell Without Breaking Everything
  • Microsoft Excel II: Everything Else
  • Principles of Elevator Small Talk
  • Advanced Tabbed Browsing
  • What to Do When No One Has Work for You to Do
  • Interns: Help or Burdens?, A Colloquium
  • Professional Wardrobe Basics: How Much Cleavage Is The Right Amount
  • Tactics of Pedestrianism in NYC
  • How to Adjust to the Real World Where No One Has Read or Cares About Anything You’ve Wasted the Last Four Years On
  • Faking an 8-Hour Workday as the “Social Media Intern”
  • Outlook: Not Just A Philosophical Concept
  • WTF is a Routing Number: Introduction to Paperwork
  • Advanced Printing Techniques: From Wi-Fi-Connected Printers to That USB Laserjet
  • The Art of Taking Lunch Orders
  •  So Your Boss Is Crazy: Advanced Workshop

A guy who did this core via Shutterstock