Personals: J.B. Richardson, CC’13, and Victoria D.O., BC’14

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For our first personals of the season, we proudly present J.B, CC’13, and Victoria, BC’14. Interested in wining and dining one of these young academics? Get in touch with us via and we’ll give y’all $10 for your hot date. And a final warning: these guys are being braver than you with their hearts, so show some love in the comments.


Name, Year, School, Major: J.B. Richardson, 2013, Columbia College, Anthropology

Preference: Guy for Girl

Hometown: Gary, Indiana

Your dream date in seven words or fewer: Bloody steak and pinball.

What redeems you as a human being? Humanism is overrated.

Obsessive book series of choice: Animorphs

Library room of choice: Kent

What you think the sexiest animal is: Dolphin

Your guilty pleasure song: “Joppa Road” by Ween

Do you watch “Girls” ironically or unironically? I don’t watch “Girls.”

Historical Hottie: Abigail Adams


Name, Year, School, Major: Victoria D. O., Barnard College 2014, Economics

Preference: Girl for guy/friend/study buddy

Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Your dream date in seven words or fewer: Vamos a la playa. Me gusta bailar.

What redeems you as a human being? There are a lot of things that redeem me as a human being. One of them is that I don’t share inappropriate stories online ;)

Obsessive book series of choice: Clifford

Library room of choice: Wait, there’s more than 209?

Sexiest animal: Columbia Lion – rawr!

Your guilty pleasure song: Ai se eu te pego – it never gets old

Do you watch “Girls” ironically or unironically? I like irony. Can’t say the same about “Girls”.

Historical Hottie: Adam Smith. Ricardo’s got nothing on you.

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  1. Lonely GIRLS bro....

    I was totally gonna ask out Victoria. But then I saw she doesn't like GIRLS.

  2. Anonymous  

    good luck j.b., but the personals ship has sailed for second-semester seniors.for

  3. Anonymous  

    can you please format this a little better?

  4. Anonymous  

    can you please format this better?

  5. blonde turned ginger

    can you please format this?

  6. blonde turned ginger's flatmate

    can you please format?

  7. blonde turned ginger's flat

    can you please?

  8. blode turned ginger's fart  

    Can you?

  9. Music Man  

    Gary, Indiana!
    What a wonderful name,
    Named for Elbert Gary of judiciary fame.
    Gary, Indiana, as a Shakespeare would say,
    Trips along softly on the tongue this way--
    Gary, Indiana, Gary Indiana, Gary, Indiana,
    Let me say it once again.
    Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana,
    That's the town that "knew me when."
    If you'd like to have a logical explanation
    How I happened on this elegant syncopation,
    I will say without a moment of hesitation
    There is just one place
    That can light my face.
    Gary, Indiana,
    Gary Indiana,
    Not Louisiana, Paris, France, New York, or Rome, but--
    Gary, Indiana,
    Gary, Indiana,
    Gary Indiana,
    My home sweet home.

  10. Millie the Dancing Bear  


  11. Freddie Gibbs  

    Gary, Indiana is some hood shit... That's Gibbs shit

  12. yay!!  

    I've never met anyone else here from Indiana before!!

  13. confused  

    are you saying Girls doesn't like irony?

  14. Wait, Guys  

    It's a picture of Babe Ruth with an umbrella...
    obsessive book of choice is... Animorphs?????
    Ideal date is... BLOODY STEAK AND PINBALL????

    This is the weirdest personal I think I've ever read

  15. Anonymous

    Hey Bwog,

    I'd like to go on a date with Victoria, set us up please.

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