CUMB Exposes ZBT

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After  Zeta Beta Tau lost their charter to a hazing scandal and all the controversy that followed, CUMB pounced at the chance to make fun of the situation with a moving account of the memories that will remain as ZBT leaves us.

We found the Breakfast Club music incredibly fitting and CUMB’s absolute lack of compunction hilarious.

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  1. Well  

    Too bad this isn't funny... At all.

  2. Anonymous  

    I cried everytime

  3. Anonymous  

    in before the shitstorm

  4. God bless the band  

    i hope they step in to keep providing this sort of commentary. nobody is doing it these days.

  5. lol  

    yellow gatorade ftw

  6. fuck CUMB  

    not witty or incisive

  7. Anonymous  

    Aidan is my hero

  8. Yeah, except

    it wasn't ZBT hazing. It was a certain woman's sports team "hazing" their frosh.

  9. Anonymous

    only bitches bounce in pong

  10. What the hell

    Were they doing to that waffle.

  11. Unreal..  

    If bwog actually knew how to report and CUMB cared to contribute accurate, pointed commentary, they would realize the incident didn't deal with ZBT hazing their members. Before spoiling someone's reputation on a medium that everyone from family members to future employers can access, at the very least don't be reckless.

    • Wait

      I thought the whole thing kind made fun of the common perception of frat culture... by making the whole ordeal so outrageous, we're able to laugh at "frat culture" itself, but also realize that, while these hazing incidents may have occurred somewhere at some time, they probably didn't happen at ZBT. Because it's so sensationalist, it's obvious to me at least that CUMB doesn't think this is what happened at ZBT house. Bluh explaining humor takes the fun out of it, didn't mean to be a buzzkill

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